Getting ready! Private Employees Get Rp. 2.4 Million from Jokowi

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The government’s plan to provide salary subsidies for workers is getting brighter. The scheme has been prepared, among others, about the disbursement which will be carried out every 2 months for four months, each with a 1.2 million IDR disbursement.

The Minister of Manpower (Menaker) Ida Fauziyah, is ready to run a salary subsidy program for workers who have wages below Rp. 5 million. This direct subsidy is believed to help workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This assistance is a stimulus program that was formulated with the National Economic Recovery Task Force (PEN), Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Finance, and BPJS Employment. We are targeting this program to run in September,” Ida said in his official statement, Friday (7/8).

Ida said, the salary subsidy that would be given over the past four months was an expansion of social assistance stimulus (social assistance) aimed at increasing the purchasing power and economy of workers and their families because of Covid-19’s reduced income.

“The number of private workers who have salaries below Rp. 5 million is 13.8 million workers. This data comes from BPJS Employment which will continue to be validated to ensure that it is on target and minimizes duplication. The government hopes that these subsidies can maintain the purchasing power and welfare of workers affected by Covid -19, “he said.

He added, salary subsidies were given at Rp600 thousand per month for four months and would be given every two months. That is, once a disbursement, workers will receive a subsidy of Rp1.2 million, bringing the total to Rp2.4 million.

“The government will pay twice because we want to ensure that purchasing power and consumption are maintained to encourage economic growth in the third and fourth quarters,” he said.

According to him the recipient workers are private sector employees outside civil servants and BUMN employees. Workers receiving subsidies must be active workers registered with BPJS Employment with contributions below Rp150,000 per month or equivalent to a salary of under Rp5 million per month.

“Recipients of salary subsidies are workers who pay BPJS Employment contributions. This is as an appreciation for registered workers and pay BPJS Employment contributions,” he said.

Ida added this subsidy program, the Ministry of Finance has budgeted funds of around Rp 33.1 trillion. It is hoped that this new stimulus can accelerate the process of economic recovery and prevent recession.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

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