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“Get TikTok off your phone immediately” –


Immediately remove TikTok from your phone. A software specialist on the social network Reddit makes that appeal. He or she dove into the software of the popular app and was shocked by how much the Chinese makers steal personal data from users.

The Chinese app, popular with teenagers for uploading and sharing short videos, there is nothing more than “a data collection method, veiled like a social network,” the Reddit user wrote in a long post, complete with software files that would demonstrate it. Hackers collective Anonymous has now shared his concerns.

TikTok digs deep into all the data you keep on your phone and would pass it on to the Chinese makers. Below that, your e-mail address and password. It can even turn on your GPS remotely and transmit where you are is located. It knows which WiFi you are using and probably the password to connect to it.

For this reason, India has already banned TikTok, along with 58 other Chinese apps that collect far too much information about users. According to the neighboring country of China, the apps even endangered state security. TikTok is still too common in the Netherlands use.



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