Gerrard Disappointed Accused of Helping Liverpool to Win the Premier League


Aston Villa Manager Steven Gerrard discusses his team’s involvement in the title race Premier League between Manchester City and Liverpool. He was disappointed he was judged to be leaning towards the Reds.

Involvement Aston Villa cannot be separated from the schedule of matches faced in the final weeks of the English League. They are known to play against Liverpool in the 35th week, followed by Man City in the 38th week on Sunday (22/5/2022) tomorrow.

Against Liverpool, Aston Villa lost 1-2 despite winning first. Even though his team has gone all out, there are still accusations that Gerrard ‘helped’ Sadio Mane et al to maintain the chances of winning.

Especially when they were held to a 1-1 draw by Burnley in the 37th week on Thursday (19/5), Gerrard did not field Philippe Coutinho and Danny Ings from the start, as if he wanted to perform with full strength against Man City.

If the Citizens fail to win and Liverpool beat Wolverhampton Wanderers, then the title will fly to Anfield. In short, Gerrard is suspected of helping Liverpool in the race for the title.

This made the former England captain disappointed. Despite strong ties to Liverpool in the past, Gerrard insists he remains professional and puts the fate of Aston Villa first. Even if his team’s journey turns out to be able to help Juergen Klopp’s squad, that’s a different matter.

“With regards to Liverpool, I totally understand and respect the commotion out there and the questions that have been directed at me recently,” Gerrard said, quoted by The Guardian.

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“They (Liverpool) are competing for the title, and I spent a long time there. It’s disappointing when people doubt the integrity of me or Aston Villa or my players.”

“We will perform this weekend and will do our best to get points for Aston Villa and also our supporters. If it turns out to help Liverpool (to win), of course fantastic,” he explained.

For Gerrard, what matters is Aston Villa. Even if his team can tackle Man City, Liverpool also need to win first against Wolves, and that’s not necessarily the case either.

Man City are currently top of the table with 90 points from 37 matches, and Liverpool are in second place with 89 points.


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