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GERB wants an agreement for 3 years and more ministers

GERB will offer “We continue the change – Democratic Bulgaria” (PP-DB) a coalition agreement, which will have a horizon of 3 years, said the leader of the party Boyko Borisov at a press conference on Tuesday. The document would be ready within 10 days. The PP-DB called for this to be done faster, so that they could see GERB’s proposals before March 6, when the prime minister’s rotation is scheduled to take place, but nothing is known anymore.

After GERB already rejected the memorandum of PP-DB, now Borisov commented that the government after the rotation should be “proportional, with equal bearing of responsibility, with the right of veto and a new review of the ministers”.

Posts must be distributed “on the basis of electoral weight”Borisov said.

“First we start with the ministers – we negotiate with them, proportionally according to the electoral weight expressed through the deputies in the parliament. Because now it turned out that the DB has three ministries – justice, health care and tourism. I will propose to Kiril Petkov while we prepare all this , right now let’s start with the CPC, because it’s taking out his eyes, and the regulators who have 121 votes and then those who have 160 votes.” Borisov said.

“Each party can have the right to veto its minister, but in the event of a mistake, the party must bear responsibility and the party that made the announcement can replace him. I have excellent impressions of our work with Kiril Petkov, Hristo Ivanov and Atanas Atanasov and will it’s hard for new elections, because I can’t say anything bad about them.” he added.

“Because they are a very large guide, we will try to make our paper perfect and accurate, but then we will make it available to colleagues for discussion. No one has given us the date March 6. Denkov is resigning, but as Hristo Ivanov said, we have until April. Then we discuss with PP. The deadline for an understanding is two months before the European electionsBorisov explained.

Kiril Petkov: Enough theatrical talk, it’s time to sit down and talk

“I haven’t watched Boyko Borisov’s press conference, but it is most important for us to work faster and sit down to talk this weekend. I call on GERB to work faster and more diligently”said the co-chairman of the PP Kiril Petkov on the occasion of Borisov’s words.

I want to see exactly what the GERB coalition agreement will be. We have made it very transparent and public, and they have said that they will send it to us formally. I can’t reject or accept something I haven’t seen or read.”he added.

Petkov explained that he is calling on GERB to hurry up the preparation of the agreement, because PP-DB plan to keep the date of March 6 and on that day Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov will resign.

“Everything must happen as quickly as possible. Every day of delay is a day of uncertainty. For us, the prime minister must be Maria Gabriel. We keep our word. She must be the next prime minister, but 10 days is too long.” added the PP co-chairman.

He refused to comment on Borissov’s idea of ​​dividing the ministerial posts: “I don’t want to comment on any maths. We want to see their proposal. Let’s see what they propose in the judicial reform, for the regulators, for Pepi Euroto and the Notary. If this country was run only by ministers, it would have flourished. This country is run by unreformed special services and regulators. It is governed by an unreformed SJC, which, when you press enter, votes with one vote. Let’s not divert the topic with the allocation of ministers”.

According to him, ministers are much less important than other appointments. “Who voted for Chief Prosecutor Sarafov? I didn’t. Who voted for the head of the Central Committee to be the mother of a deputy. I didn’t vote for the services that can’t find a single spy. That’s the most important thing. Let’s stop playing theater and sit down to solve the most important tasks. We are tired of this and will not deviate from the topic. Do we not have a real conversation about the reforms – the conversation about ministers is secondaryadded Petkov.

GERB continues to insist on having a foreign minister

Earlier, Borisov once again announced that his party wants to get the post of foreign minister.

“I have asked Gabriel to include a report in the last column of the evaluation of the ministers. Milena Stoycheva – 46 nights abroad, Kiril Vatev – 24, Ivanka Shalapatova – 30, Zaritsa Dinkova – over 50. These are real ministers”. the GERB leader pointed out.

Borisov once again criticized the Minister of Defense Todor Tagarev.

“In the desire for bragging rights, for self-promotion, Tagarev posted a photo saying he was going to travel. I do not understand this emphasis on our Western partners. The APCs have been released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but they are still here, and we go and give swords as gifts. With what appreciation Tagarev waves to me from Versailles to congratulate me. First we will fulfill our commitments so far, and then we will undertake others”. commented Borisov.

However, the 100 or so APCs promised to Kiev have been delayed due to logistical problems, leading to criticism of the Ministry of Defense, even though the machines are part of the Ministry of Interior’s reserve.

“We are a responsible party. We will no longer participate in such unorganized gatherings.” Borisov said.

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