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GERB-SDS introduce a bill with undisguised intentions to fascism the state – 2024-02-20 06:39:48

/ world today news/ On May 5 of this year, Rumen Hristov, Daniel Mitov, Ekaterina Zaharieva, Krasimir Valchev, Radomir Cholakov and several other people’s representatives from GERB-SDS submitted to the National Assembly’s office a dark bill to amend and supplement the Law to declare the communist regime in Bulgaria criminal.

Through it, they propose that on the facades or in a prominent place in all public buildings housing state bodies, their territorial units, local self-government bodies, cultural institutions, educational centers, schools and universities, inscriptions with the following content should be placed: ” The communist regime in Bulgaria (09.09.1944-10.11.1989) and the activities of the BKP were declared criminal by a law adopted by the 38th National Assembly”. All state and local government bodies, public legal, cultural and educational institutions, including legal entities and individuals, undertake to take action to remove any symbols of communism, including the BKP and its leaders. In case of non-fulfillment of the provisions of the law, serious fines will be imposed, and the violations will be determined by five-member commissions. Actions for the implementation of the Law should be undertaken within one month of its entry into force.

From the reasons for the bill, it is established that the goal of the proponents is “To expose and denounce once and for all the criminal communist regime and to stop the attempts to awaken nostalgia in the contemporaries of the regime and to mislead the young generation who have no personal impressions of it”. This goal shows that the bill is an attempt to divert public opinion and to cover up the obvious truth that 33 years after the democratic changes in our country – a period during which GERB ruled for more than a decade, Bulgaria is the poorest and most backward country in Europe, whose citizens get sick the most and die the youngest. Social inequalities are constantly increasing to the extent that we have a huge number of working poor and miserable pensioners, and the life and moral pathlessness covers more and more young people in its vise of hopelessness.

In such a situation, the deputies from GERB have decided that the stigmatization of the period 1944-1989 and “the final removal of all symbols and “works of art” that bear the character of the communist regime in Bulgaria” will lead the country out of the political and economic impasse, in which it is located. A dead end that they got us into.

The policy of instilling fear and hatred began to become a trademark of some of the Bulgarian parties. When the present loses its comparison with the past, the shadows of communism begin to haunt you constantly. Then a demonstration of impotence, of lack of ideas, leading to insanity, becomes necessary.

Insanity, like concentrating efforts to forcefully dismantle people’s memory, instead of fighting to deal with the political crisis, and hence with high prices, with inflation, with poverty. Systematic attempts to replace history by distorting facts and prohibitions encourage an extremely dangerous modern phenomenon, which is neo-Nazism.

In this regard, the BSP has a clear position against the manifestations and advance of neo-fascism and neo-Nazism in Europe, adopted in a declaration at its 50th Congress.

Through it, the BSP clearly stated that any attempts to revise and distort history, to deny the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by that inhumane ideology are doomed.

The proposed bill to amend the Law on Declaring the Communist Regime in Bulgaria Criminal at this very moment, in this troubled political time, is proof of the extreme importance of the warning given by Umberto Eco that fascism can return under the most innocent a cover. It is our duty to reveal it and point the finger at every manifestation of it – every day, in every part of the world.

We add – and prevent it at all costs.

This is the responsibility of every citizen and the duty of every statesman.

We therefore call on the authors of the report to withdraw it in order to preserve the already fragile public peace in the state.

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