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Georges-Besse College Students Shine with Innovative Entrepreneurship Projects

At Georges-Besse College, students have had the fiber of entrepreneurship for many years. Every year, around ten people take the option small business offered by the institution. “We ask them to look for everyday problems and think of a solutionexplains Cyrille Michaut, a technology teacher who will be in charge of the small company with her maths colleague, Aline Lambert. We see things there that not much work is going on. »

The purpose of the company is to improve the autonomy, teamwork and public atmosphere. “Over the year, we see progress between the interview and the oral presentation at the end”, the teacher continued. Because you want to join the small company, you have to pass an interview, like in a normal company. These take place in September and allow students to be guided towards the relevant position.

“All united towards our goal”

This is how Antonin Dugué, in 3rd grade, became the CEO of Uni-Cup. “We came up with this name to say that we are all united towards our goal, victory. “, he trusts. The result is the micro company festival, which will be held at the end of May, in Blois, where they will present their invention in front of a jury. Like those who came before, which was awarded last year.

The invention makes it possible to keep a school textbook open.
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The invention of the year 2023-2024 is called “Wooden-Book”, a wooden support that allows you to hold an open book, tablet or phone. Respond to a specific need. “For example, when we do our homework at home it is difficult to keep an open book on the table, especially when we get to the last pages. Also a problem with cookbooks »develops Antonin Dugué.

Prototypes and market research

The market research done with other middle school students, teachers and their loved ones made it possible to refine the prototype. They are just two pieces of wood, joined by a hinge. Two sticks allow you to place it on the back and two more on the front, which are adjustable, allowing you to mount the object. “Market research showed that 84% of those surveyed were interested”, the CEO’s trust. Completely in line with the goals of the small company, which is to create something that aims to solve a daily problem.

Production is underway, they are preparing around fifty for the festival of the minor companies, and part of it has already been ordered through repayment advances. With the Wooden Book, Uni-Cup hopes to convince the jury of their stand and during the oral presentation. Especially in the three sectors in which they are registered: management, marketing communication and commercial strategy.

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