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Gennady Khazanov Persecuted in Kaluga: Silence on ‘Special Operation’ Sparks Backlash

Artist Gennady Khazanov remained silent in Kaluga when asked about his attitude to the “special operation” – they did not forgive him for this.

In Russia, the famous Soviet-era comedian and actor Gennady Khazanov was persecuted. The occasion was an event in Kaluga, when activists of the “Call of the People” movement, which supports the war in Ukraine, waylaid him and began pestering him with questions about his attitude towards the “SVO”, reports Dialogue.UA.

A video has appeared on the TG channel “Call of the People” in which you can see how stubborn Russian “patriots” crept up on Khazanov after his speech in Kaluga and began pestering him with questions about how he felt about the “special operation.”

The artist remained silent. Then activists began trolling him with another question: “What do you think about Russia?” Khazanov didn’t answer either, but simply walked into the car.

After this, Z-patriots began to “kill” Khazanov on the Internet and even spread a rumor that “some residents of the Kaluga region” asked to cancel the performance with Khazanov’s participation, since he spoke “negatively” about the SVO.

What adds piquancy to this incident is the fact that Gennady Khazanov was included in the database of the Ukrainian portal several years ago.”Peacemaker“for participating in the Kremlin’s propaganda campaigns, as well as for illegally crossing the Ukrainian border and speaking in the annexed Crimea. Khazanov is also accused of trying to legalize the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula.

In addition, a curious event occurred in 2015: Khazanov presented Putin with a crown, for which he was ridiculed by some opposition-minded bloggers, but later the artist stated that he just wanted to joke and not please the Russian president.

In 2022, Khazanov did not condemn the invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine, but he did not support it either. In recent years, he has tried to avoid political issues.

At the same time, it is known that in the theater, which is directed by Gennady Khazanov, there is a portrait of Alla Pugacheva hanging. After the singer left for Israel and condemned the war in Ukraine, Khazanov did not take down her portrait, citing the fact that he “had no special reasons for this.”

Let us remind you that comedian Semyon Slepakov, who left Russia, “torn” the audience new poemsblaming dictator Putin for Navalny’s death.

As previously reported, the legendary singer Alla Pugacheva, who emigrated to Israel, refused from Putin’s offer to return to Russia and gave advice to Peskov “to look for a new boss.”

Author: Yaroslav Volkov

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