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Genea Lanzara, knocked out in Palermo at the end of the season

The Serie A Silver Regular Season ends with a defeat for Genea Lanzara. The team trained by coaches Mayon surrenders to the hosts of CUS Palermo with the final score of 32-21 and, by virtue of the eighth final position in the standings, in the Promotion PlayOffs for Serie A Gold starting on Saturday 27 April they will face the league leaders Camerano. Once again the Salerno team had to deal with the usual absences, but they still started off strong, moving ahead to 3-5 after the first five laps of the clock. The Sicilians overtake (6-5 at 15′), with the match remaining balanced until the 27′, thanks also to the goalkeeper’s saves Cappellari, when the signatures in succession of by e Aragon they take the teams to the locker room at 14-10.

In the second half there were several changes made by coach Maione who gave space to athletes with less playing time under their belts. Initially the gap remained as such until the 35th minute (16-12 score), after which the hosts began to widen the score, then securing the two points with the final score of 32-21. For the Sicilians, a victory of fundamental importance which avoids direct relegation and which will allow them to compete for their stay in Serie A Silver in the only round of PlayOut where they will face the Verdeazzurro Sassari.

For Genea Lanzara, having mathematically won the Promotion PlayOff with four rounds to spare, after a good streak of four consecutive victories came just as many defeats. Now, however, for the association dear to the president Domenico Sica it’s time to think about the highlight of the season. The direct clashes for the promotion will start on Saturday 27 April. Genea Lanzara, in Game 1, will host Pallamano Camerano at the Caporale Palumbo Gym. Return match in the Marche region on Thursday 2 March. The possible Race 3 will always be held in Camerano next Saturday 4 May.

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