GeForce RTX 3080 and RTX 3090: Nvidia stops direct sales

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The saga The GeForce RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 stock shortages continue. Latest episode: Nvidia stops selling cards on its own.

Nvidia, or rather its store, came under fire after all RTX 30s disappeared almost as soon as they began selling them. It has been proven that the buyers used the bots, and the producer got the ears for allowing such a situation. Criticism intensified as the equipment returned to circulation at auctions. Much overpriced.

Now the company is beating its chest. “We heard your opinion on the Nvidia online store and we are working on improving its quality” – he writes in press statement. At the same time, he informs that for technical reasons he has to stop selling cards on his own.

Third-party companies will take over the distribution of reference models, i.e. those offered so far directly by Nvidia. In the United States, the sales of clerks will be handled by the Best Buy chain, while in the case of Europe, “arrangements are ongoing”.

How long the freeze period will last has not been disclosed. As suggested by Nvidia, it is temporary, but no specific dates are set. It can only be assumed that it will be sometime in 2021. That is when the supply chain of new RTXs is to reach full efficiency – according to in the words of the president of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, which fell at the closing Q&A session of GTC 2020.


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