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Gaza: The Vatican characterizes Israel’s reaction as “disproportionate”. – 2024-02-15 21:29:07

Diplomatic conflict has erupted between the Vatican and Israel. With his statements, the Prime Minister of the Holy See, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, described the reaction of the Israeli army as “disproportionate”. He added that “the current situation cannot continue” and that “new ways must be found to solve the problem of Gaza and Palestine”.

“I think we all feel indignation about what is happening, about this massacre, but we must have the necessary courage to move forward and not lose hope because otherwise we will be left with our hands crossed. On the contrary, we must fight to the end and try to contribute as much as possible,” said Cardinal Parolin.

Commenting on these statements, the Israeli embassy in the Holy See underlined that “Hamas is solely responsible for the death and destruction in Gaza” and that “Hamas has turned Gaza into the biggest terrorist base ever”.

According to the Israeli embassy in the Vatican, “the operations carried out by the Israeli army are carried out in full respect of international law.” He considers, finally, that “it is not enough to condemn the massacre of October 7, if Israel is then accused, with reference to its right to exist and to legal defense, only as something obligatory without taking into account the general context”.

The head of the Vatican media, Andrea Tornielli, finally, in his intervention on the Vatican News website, recalled that the writer and poet Edith Brook, who lived the tragic experience of Auschwitz, “condemned the policy of the Israeli prime minister” and “expressed positions similar to those of Cardinal Pietro Parolin”.

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