Gasoline prices in Lebanon are falling … and gas stations are asking for prices in dollars

Gasoline prices in Lebanon change every day, following the Central Bank’s decision to cut off the supply of the dollar needed to import fuel.

and I saw Fuel prices in LebanonToday, Wednesday 21 September 2022, there is a noticeable drop, but gas station owners see the new fuel pricing schedule as unrealistic in light of the significant increase in dollar prices in the foreign exchange market.

About 10 days ago announced Lebanese consumption The central bank completely stopped insuring the dollar for gasoline imports, which led to successive increases fuel prices Record levels, as well as the rise in the exchange rate of the US currency on the parallel market.

Simultaneously with the movements of the Central Bank they changed Petrol prices in Lebanon every day, but the issue came to the issuance of an amendment twice a day, after it had been priced twice a week.

Fuel prices in Lebanon

The new fuel price chart in Lebanon showed, today, Wednesday, that the price of a can of 95 petrol fell by around £ 47,000, and the price of a can of petrol 98 fell by around £ 58,000, while the The price of a can of diesel fell by about 59,000 pounds, and a cylinder of gas – liquefied petroleum gas – fell by 26,000 pounds.

A gas station in Lebanon – archive

Gasoline prices in Lebanon arrived according to the new schedule announced by the Directorate General of Petroleum, affiliated with the Ministry of Energy and Water, and revised by the specialized energy platform, as follows:

  • The price of a 95 octane can of petrol has dropped to £ 653,000.
  • The price of a 98 octane gas cylinder has dropped to 669,000 pounds.
  • The price of a diesel fuel plate has dropped to 789,000 pounds.
  • The price of a gas cylinder (liquefied petroleum gas) has dropped to 375,000 pounds.

* One can equals 20 liters and the US dollar equals 36,000 and 650 pounds in the parallel market.

gas station crisis

For his part, a member of the Union of Petrol Station Owners, George Al-Barraks, criticized the new fuel price program in Lebanon issued by the Ministry of Energy.

Al-Barraks said: “What happened today in the price list is unacceptable, as there is a difference of more than 1,600 pounds between the dollar exchange rate in the table that calculated the dollar price at 36,650 pounds and the real price. to the cashiers, which exceeds 38100 pounds “.

He pointed out that the fuel pricing program causes huge losses at stations, in excess of 25,000 pounds per can of gasoline.

Al-Barraks stressed that solving the current crisis has only one way, which is to allow petrol stations to price gasoline in dollars to avoid the confusion caused by the fluctuations and instability of the dollar.

The secretary of the Union of Petrol Station Owners in Lebanon, Hassan Jaafar, had confirmed in previous statements that the owners of the stations sleep every day in the hope of issuing a fair and equitable tariff, according to the promises.

He said: “Unfortunately, we wake up with a new schedule, a new disappointment and promises that were lost in the air as if they weren’t,” explaining that the current situation is driving many stations to file bankruptcy or close their doors to customers.

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