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Garner responds to Affleck’s interview. “Like she got in the face”

According to Ben Affleck, he was a “hostage” to his marriage and that he began to peek into the glass because he felt unhappy with his wife. Shocking sentences fell one after the other in the Howard Stern program.

– he said.

– We’ve become strangers. Our relationship wasn’t working. We tried our best for our kids. Really – he argued.

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Ben Affleck i Jennifer Garner

Although the star praised the ex-wife for the methods of educators and dedication to children, the interview met with great criticism. ANDInternauts do not leave on Afflecku dry thread, reminding him that Garner drove him to rehab three times after their breakup and asked the paparazzi to leave them alone. Moreover, she always spoke well of him.

According to the magazine “Life & Style”, Jennifer is disappointed with Ben’s behavior. She is supposed to believe that he has shown disrespect for her and their family, and after his words she felt as if she had been “slapped in the face”. “Jen is not happy with the way he described their breakup,” a newspaper source said. “He said he felt” trapped “and she wouldn’t use that term or open up to that degree, adds the anonymous friend.

Garner, however, does not intend to reward the beautiful for fondness and take care of the kids, as she has been doing so far. One can only imagine what he is feeling at the moment. Especially since the actress always supported the exporter and did as much as she could to help him out of his addiction. The Internet, as it were, spoke for her – In the comments on the web we read, among others: “Ben Affleck never deserved Jennifer Garner. He proved it for 17 years (this is how long their relationship lasted) and he has proved it now.”

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