Galatasaray Club President Dursun Özbek: Making History in Champions League and Tackling Social Issues

Galatasaray Club President Dursun Özbek said that they believe that they will make history in the away match against Denmark representative Copenhagen in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday, December 12.

President Özbek spoke at the December ordinary council meeting held at the Özhan Canaydın Conference Hall in the yellow-red club’s Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex RAMS Park.

Referring to the importance of the Copenhagen match in which they will be eliminated from the group if they win in the “Giants League”, Özbek said, “Our football team continues to fight where it should always be, that is, in the UEFA Champions League. I wholeheartedly believe that we will fight until the last minute in the match we will play next week and make history. Galatasaray ” has always been the pride of Turkey and will continue to be so.” he said.

The first signature for 300 permanent houses in the earthquake zone will be made tomorrow

Reminding that Turkey was shaken by the earthquakes experienced on February 6, Özbek stated that, as a club, they made a great effort to heal the wounds of this disaster.

Stating that they have provided aid since the first day of the earthquake, Özbek said, “15 percent of our country was damaged by the February 6 earthquakes. Our citizens living here lost their homes, children, parents. We experienced a great tragedy. As Galatasaray, we worked hard to heal these wounds.” “We took up the issue because we are a large non-governmental organization.” he said.

Emphasizing that they provide social aid and container cities, President Özbek said:

“To understand what life in a container is, you need to go and see it. Therefore, what is needed for the region to recover both socially and economically is permanent housing. As Galatasaray Club, we stood by our state here. We collected aid to build 300 permanent houses within the framework of the protocol we prepared. Accordingly, we will sign a protocol with the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and TOKİ tomorrow. We will go to Ankara tomorrow to prove how much Galatasaray is an institution that will always be proud of and that protects the Turkish people, Turkey and the Republic of Turkey. We will go. I attach great importance to this because the atmosphere that was created to heal the wounds of the earthquake disaster gradually dissipated and began to be forgotten. Unfortunately, our Turkey is in an earthquake zone. Today, the damages that will be caused by an earthquake in Istanbul or elsewhere are being talked about. We will do our best to ensure that this issue is not forgotten. We are going tomorrow to present the protocol we will sign and the money we have collected. “All Galatasaray fans can say this with pride.”

“We will pay 900 million lira in interest”

Dursun Özbek said that they pay 900 million lira in interest annually within the scope of the restructuring agreement they made with the Banks Association of Turkey.

The president of the yellow-red club also gave information about their ongoing projects.

Expressing that they want to move to the football facility under construction in Kemerburgaz by the end of the season, Özbek said, “One of our most important projects is our facility, which will be used by the football A team, academy and infrastructure in Kemerburgaz. We hope to complete the facility, which is built on approximately 130 acres, as soon as possible.” “Our aim is. Our activities are progressing quickly. The construction of the interior parts of our construction, whose rough construction has been completed, has started. Our intention is to move there before the end of the season.” He commented:

Dursun Özbek reminded that they pay 900 million lira annually in interest due to their debts and continued his words as follows:

“There is urgency to complete Kemerburgaz. We want to move Florya here as soon as possible. Florya is one of Galatasaray’s exit projects. Our club signed a restructuring agreement with Ziraat Bank and Denizbank, postponed its debts, and received hot money. Approximately 2 billion We restructured a debt of 200 million lira. We need to get out of this restructuring agreement. We do all our work accordingly. Under the conditions of that day, our borrowing interest was TLREF + 1.5. Under the conditions of that day, TLREF was at the level of 8.5-9 percent. Many of my friends said, ‘Why are you leaving? “From the agreement? Agreement until 2030, interest is not even 10 percent, use it.” “Despite this, we pay 300-350 million lira in interest annually. I said, ‘Even if the interest rate remains like this, I will exit.’ I said. This is not just a condition related to interest. Within the framework of the agreement, our hands are tied, all our actions are under the control of the banks. It prevents us from doing many things that could benefit the club. Today, we pay interest of more than 40 percent. The debt is also obvious. It is not clear where the interest will stop. “Currently, we will pay 900 million lira in interest. What should the Galatasaray Club do, first pay this interest, then find the money to allocate for its sports activities, manage the club, and pay its taxes? That’s why we need to cherish and support the Florya project.”

Stating that they can earn 3 billion liras of income from Riva, Özbek said, “In our Riva project, 130 salable villas still belong to Galatasaray. The approximate value of this is 3 billion liras. Unfortunately, there is a recession. Sales have slowed down due to housing loans.” made his assessment.

Reminding that they built 180 residences in Mecidiyeköy, Galatasaray Club President Özbek said, “We obtained a large fund within the framework of the development and sale of these. The 18-month loan we used for the purchase of 40 decares of land in Florya, which does not belong to us, was extended to 6 months with the fund we created from Mecidiyeköy.” “We closed it in a short time. We currently have 60 decares of Florya land with no debt or fees. It will be of great benefit to Galatasaray.” he said.

“Our lack of facilities is not only in football

Dursun Özbek said that they attach great importance to amateur branches and will do their best for success.

Explaining that they want to move amateur branches to the facility they will build next to the Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex, Özbek said, “The 60-acre land from the stadium to Cendere Street is rented for 49 years. We will build a complex where indoor sports will be held here. Our lack of facilities is not only in football. Galatasaray Club, which brought Olympic sports to Turkey, has undertaken the task.” “We have a great task within the framework of our mission. Our biggest deficiency is the facility in order for these sports to survive, develop and be successful worldwide.” he said.

Stating that they are looking for a hall for basketball training after the construction starts in Florya, Özbek said, “We are planning a more effective management by gathering all indoor sports in the section next to the stadium where we will play basketball and volleyball matches and do their training. We will do judo in Anadolu Hisarı and swimming in Altunizade.” We also do it. We attach great importance to amateur sports. The issue targeted as a mission by Ali Sami Yen and his friends is the first priority of our board of directors. We act to be the most successful and the best in all branches, without distinguishing between professional or amateur. We use all the opportunities at our disposal to ensure that these sports branches are supported by Galatasaray. “We strive to do it in a way that suits us.” he said.

A call for unity and solidarity to the community

President Özbek called for unity and solidarity to the yellow-red community.

Emphasizing that community unity is needed to complete ongoing projects, Özbek continued his words as follows:

“We need to stand tall against every issue that divides Galatasaray. We are against those who take every issue as an opportunity and bring it to the agenda to divide and separate Galatasaray. There is a great need for you to stand against it too. The best answer to those who are involved in these efforts is to create a climate of love and one punch.” Our projects that will secure our next 25-30 years can only be realized if we are united. We must never give up on this goal. There is only one obstacle to the realization of these projects. That is, the climate of love and peace that we are trying to create within our community does not continue. If we cannot achieve peace. “If internal conflicts and divisions continue, these projects will not continue. We have come to the end now, everything is ready. We need to maintain unity and solidarity at all costs. The key to success. By completing our projects as soon as possible, we will achieve financial freedom and ensure continuity of our success.”

Reminding that he has been in office for 1.5 years, Özbek said, “No one should hesitate. We will carry out these projects and bring great support to amateur sports. We have always stood behind our promises to you. The trust given to us has a great value. We are aware of this. Your trust is our responsibility.” “There is a board of directors that protects Galatasaray’s trust in the best possible way.” he said.

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