Gabigol’s Mansion in Guarujá: A Tour of the Flamengo Star’s Luxurious Home

Gabigol scored a great goal with this mansion, see?! Gabriel Barbosa’s house in Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo, underwent a major renovation and attracted attention due to its details. The property, measuring around 720 m², gained the “bold identity” of the Flamengo striker. Gabi also has a mansion valued at R$13 million, inside a luxury condominium in Rio de Janeiro, where he has played for the Rio de Janeiro club since 2019.

The project was designed by architect Carlos Pardal. In addition to graffiti art in the bathrooms and neon lights outside, the pool has the player’s silhouette at the bottom – with Gabriel’s classic pose when he scores a goal. The same image appears on the door that leads to the local cinema. The graffiti on the house was signed by visual artist Afonsoul.

With everything personalized, the tennis table also displays the name “Gabigol”. The colors he chose, in the vast majority of details, were black and white. The sportsman’s singing side was also remembered, with references to “Lil Gabi”, his stage name. A screen and a stage were set up at the residence. The bar, illuminated with colorful lights, transforms into a “club” at night.

On Instagram, the architect shared details of the project. “New refuge for incredible performances and unforgettable moments”, wrote Carlos. He also showed the bar, with reddish lights that create a different atmosphere throughout the day. “The atmosphere transforms into an immersive party”, he explained. Currently, the athlete earns a monthly salary of R$2 million, plus bonuses for individual and collective goals.

See photos of the place:

In July this year, Jon Vlogs took advantage of his visit to Gabigol’s home to show the interior of the athlete’s mansion in the Marvelous City. During the “tour” of the player’s residence, a specific detail in one of the rooms caught the YouTuber’s attention.

In addition to the games room, the place also has five suites, a steam sauna, a heated pool, a gourmet space, a climate-controlled wine cellar, a cinema and an office. Click here to watch the video and find out the details.

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