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Future of Courtepaille Catering Brand: Commercial Court Ruling Delayed

Title: Future of Courtepaille Restaurant Chain Finally Fixed, Decision to be Announced in June

Date: June 20, 2023

The Commercial Court of Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine) has extended the anticipation for employees and customers of Courtepaille, a popular restaurant chain, by an additional 24 hours. The highly anticipated judgment regarding the future of the catering brand, which was initially scheduled to be made public on Tuesday, will now be released on Wednesday, as reported by the Parisian – Today in France from the court registry.

The ownership of Courtepaille, which has been under the Napaqaro group (Buffalo Grill, etc.) for nearly three years, will finally be determined. The Napaqaro group had successfully acquired the company after a fierce battle at the commercial court against the Bertrand group. As part of their bid, Napaqaro pledged to invest over 80 million euros over a five-year period, with an additional 20 million euros allocated for marketing and media expenses, totaling more than 100 million euros.

Furthermore, Napaqaro expressed its intention to retain 240 establishments, preserving 3,100 jobs. However, due to the challenges faced in meeting these targets, the Napaqaro group has decided to focus on the development of Popeyes, the American fast-food chain specializing in chicken, within France.

Courtepaille, the first restaurant chain established in 1961 in Rouvray (Côte-d’Or), has faced financial difficulties and has been placed in receivership since the end of March. Currently, the chain operates 144 branch restaurants and has 76 franchisees, employing a total of 2,089 individuals. Despite its iconic round house with a conical roof, which still holds appeal for many, Courtepaille has experienced a decline in customer attendance by 25% compared to 2019, resulting in a turnover of only 190 million euros last year.

Among the potential candidates for the takeover of Courtepaille, the Angevin group La Boucherie, a restaurant chain specializing in meat, emerges as the main contender. La Boucherie has proposed taking over 74 franchise establishments and ten of its own. Additionally, franchisees and employees have expressed their interest in acquiring certain restaurants, offering the possibility for Courtepaille to continue its legacy. However, the decision to be announced on Wednesday could potentially lead to the closure of approximately 130 restaurants and the unfortunate layoff of 1,500 individuals.

The fate of Courtepaille, a beloved restaurant chain with a rich history, will finally be determined on Wednesday. The announcement will shed light on the future of the brand, its potential new owners, and the impact it will have on the employees and customers who have been eagerly awaiting this decision.

What potential impacts could the renovation and modernization of Courtepaille’s restaurants have on the wider restaurant industry?

The next three years to renovate and modernize Courtepaille’s restaurants.

The delay in the announcement has only added to the anticipation and speculation surrounding the future of Courtepaille. Employees and customers have been eagerly awaiting the decision, hoping for a positive outcome that will secure the future of the beloved restaurant chain.

While the exact details of the judgment have not yet been made public, the extended anticipation suggests that the court’s decision is crucial and will have a significant impact on the future of Courtepaille. It is expected that the announcement will detail whether the Napaqaro group will retain ownership of the restaurant chain or if it will be transferred to another entity.

The outcome of this decision holds implications not only for Courtepaille but also for the wider restaurant industry. Courtepaille has a long-standing reputation for its quality food and warm ambiance, attracting both locals and tourists alike. Its potential closure or change in ownership could have ripple effects, affecting not only the employees and loyal customers but also the surrounding communities and local economies.

With the announcement now just a day away, the excitement and anticipation continue to build. The decision will not only determine the fate of Courtepaille but also provide insight into the ongoing developments and challenges faced by the restaurant industry as a whole.

As we await the announcement, it is our hope that the future of Courtepaille will be secured and that the restaurant chain will continue to serve its loyal customers for years to come.

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  1. It’s unfortunate that the commercial court ruling for Courtepaille Catering Brand’s future has been delayed. This uncertainty adds to the challenges faced by the brand. Let’s hope for a swift resolution that ensures a positive outcome for all involved parties.


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