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Fully in the bucket – and still full of power

The man has grueling weeks stuck in his bones, you can tell immediately when Disarstar take the stage at Uebel&Gefahrlich on Saturday night. He has 16 concerts under his belt, now the finale of the tour in his hometown – in front of a sold out house, of course. “I’m completely in the bucket, but I’m indulging in the rest today,” the St. Paulian rapper says at the outset. “I cried backstage half an hour before the concert, I felt incredible pressure,” he later explains. On their last tour in the spring, Disarstar had to cancel some concerts due to health reasons, this time everything should work out, including the final show of course.

In the bunker on Feldstrasse there is a guy on stage who is exhausted and exhausted from the tour, who has no problem admitting it and showing himself vulnerable against all outdated rap clichés – and who still delivers a really great show full of power. And this from the first song “Alle broken” to the encore “Lya”, a good hour and a half of energy, with more melodic and pop songs as well as harder rap songs.

Hamburg fans carry Disarstar on their hands (literally during the stage dive) and loudly throughout the concert, the whole venue celebrates frantically, especially of course with songs like “Tor zur Welt”, the Hamburg anthem, with which Disarstar has achieved the breakthrough. The quieter pieces (“Supergirl”, for example) receive a sea of ​​lighters, songs like “Robocop”, criticism of the police, are in the mood for demolition. “Circle, circle,” Disarstar keeps asking listeners – and of course they don’t take long to ask. The moshpit in front of the stage: more a permanent condition than an exception.

With this good mood, warm-up announcements from Disarstars DJ before the concert and encore block would not really have been necessary. “It’s nice to know the name of the rapper whose concert you’re at,” he says as the audience chants, “Disarstar, Disarstar.” eh Oh yes: “There is a word that begins with Z”, he asks chorus “encore”. He looks a little weird and annoying. Especially since shortly before Disarstar disenchanted the same theater with standard encores: “Now I’m off stage, you call encore, encore, you know the game”.

In the end, it seems like Disarstar can’t stop saying thank you: to his tour crew, his management, the fans, of course. The man looks no less exhausted than an hour and a half earlier, but he’s very relieved and, above all, sincerely grateful for everything. Now recover from the stress of touring. Did he deserve it?

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