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“Fuel will be even cheaper.” Daniel Obajtek promises cuts

– The Prime Minister announced a cut from February 1 VAT z 23 do 8 proc. i my we will implement this reduction quickly. In Poland, fuel will be even cheaper – said the president of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, on the radio station “Jedynki”.

Daniel Obajtek announces cuts in fuel prices

According to his announcement The VAT cut is to be quickly reflected in lower prices at gas stations. – It is very important for the entire economy, because fuel is price-generating – he argued.

Obajtek also explained that Orlen bought 19 million carbon allowances for 23 euros, which are now worth 80 euros (each). – Thanks to this purchase, we can keep fuel prices low – he explained.

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According to Daniel Obajtek, the fuel price is 80 percent. depends on the moves of the government, and in 20 percent. from Orlen. He assured that the fuel company did not care about high prices. – I am supposed to run the company in such a way that it generates profits, but they are not always generated with a margin, and you can also use a wide sales volume – he said.

Orlen’s president also assured that “we already have the cheapest fuel in Europe in Poland”. He also mentioned that The Germans come to supply themselves at Polish stations.


Shield 2.0 is to curb inflation

As a reminder, as part of the 2.0 anti-inflationary shield, the government is introducing a temporary VAT reduction from 23 to 8 percent. on fuels, extends the validity of the 5% VAT rate on electricity, reduces the VAT rate on heat to 5%, and introduces zero VAT on fertilizers, natural gas and food products, so far covered by the rate of 5 percent.




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