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Fubon Group Sells MOMO TV to Boss Channel Chairman: Cai Mingzhong Exiting TV Channel Business

2024-02-26 01:38 Economic Daily reporters Peng Huiming and Huang Jinglin/Taipei report Fubon Group Chairman Cai Mingzhong.United Daily News file photo

There are rumors in the market that MOMO TV, a subsidiary of Kaibo, a cable TV multi-system operator affiliated with Fubon Group, will be sold to Wang Zhilong, chairman of Boss Channel. It is rumored that the MOMO TV transaction amount is less than 200 million yuan, but this has not been confirmed.

According to industry analysts, this move means that Fubon Group Chairman Cai Mingzhong will withdraw from the TV channel business, but he will continue to produce signature programs based on Dayun Cultural and Creative Industries, which will be broadcast online in the future.

In 2022, Wang Zhilong sold his subsidiary Asia Satellite TV, including Universal News Channel, to Zhu Wenyu, chairman of Aishanlin, and the main channel in his hands is the sports-focused Boss series. It is understood that Wang Zhilong acquired MOMO TV to expand the layout of sports and sports channels and enter the CPBL Chinese Professional Baseball broadcast.

Kaibo, a subsidiary of Fubon Group, sells MOMO TV

The channel businesses of brothers Tsai Ming-chung and Tsai Ming-hsing, chairman of Fubon Financial Holdings (2881), include MOMO TV, a subsidiary of Kaibo, momo shopping platform of Fubon Media, and momo parent-child channel of Taiwan Mobile (3045) .

MOMO TV’s original MOMO comprehensive channel, MOMO drama chasing channel, and Win children’s channel were sold this time. It is understood that Win Children’s Channel and MOMO Drama Channel have stopped broadcasting in 2020 and 2021.

MOMO TV is located on Channel 75 of Cable TV, with a fixed frequency of more than 90%. It focuses on sports programs, supplemented by comprehensive information programs. It is the first to broadcast CPBL Chinese professional baseball, professional basketball and other sports events in 4K. It has professional studios and high-end Image quality 4K broadcast truck (OB truck).

Although MOMO TV has a fixed frequency on the cable TV platform, it is not one of the 240 Club (channel operators that charge fixed copyright fees). Not only does it have no copyright fee income, but it also needs to pay a listing fee. Sources revealed that MOMO TV loses 100 million yuan every year, and the chairman (Cai Mingzhong) observed the global trends in recent years and concluded that the “momentum” of the TV channel has expired, so he decided to transform into a digital channel.

Cai Mingzhong pointed out at the shareholder meeting of Fubon Media (momo shopping) last year that momo started as a TV shopping. With the changes in the ratings of young people on cable TV, TV shopping will transform into an audio-visual sales platform and a live broadcast e-commerce in the future. Online shopping brings synergy.

It is understood that after the sale of MOMO TV, other major sports-related programs returned to Dayun Creative. Dayun Cultural and Creative is a company specializing in content. Its chairman is Li Siduan. In the future, it will continue to invest in content and continue to produce MOMO TV’s signature programs. With Dayun Cultural and Creative as its base, Dayun Canteen, Talk One Cup, Little Universe and Big Bang will be launched in the future. While broadcasting on the Internet, we will try our best to relocate employees to stay or transfer to related companies.

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