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FTISLAND’s Choi Min-hwan Announces Divorce and Custody Agreement with Kim Yoolhee

FTISLAND held its latest Asian tour concert “THE TRUTH” in Taipei. The picture shows member Choi Min-hwan. (Courtesy of Warner)

[The Epoch Times, December 04, 2023](Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled and reported) Choi Minhwan, a member of the Korean band FTISLAND, and Kim Yoolhee, a former member of the girl group LABOUM, announced this evening (4th) that they had decided to make a decision after careful discussion. After the divorce, the three children will be raised by Cui Minhuan.

Choi Minhwan wrote on his personal IG: “Hello everyone, I am Choi Minhwan. It is not easy to send greetings after a long absence. I have made a careful and difficult decision, so I am discreetly informing everyone. After a long discussion, our husband and wife have reached an agreement to end our marriage. I am very sorry to everyone who supported and cared about our decision to start a family at such a young age.”

He continued, “Thanks to my family, (FTISLAND) members, and fans who support me. I’m really sorry. In addition, in order to prevent the children from being traumatized, I will do my best to fulfill my responsibilities as a father until Finally. I will greet you all again with good news. Thank you all.”

Yulhee also wrote on her personal IG: “Hello everyone, I am Yulhee. Today I want to tell you something a little heavy. Although my heart is heavy, I still wrote these words to inform everyone who supports me and loves me personally. . After a long period of hard work and dialogue, we as a couple decided to support each other on our own paths. Although the journey as a couple ends here, it does not end as a father and mother, so both of us will do our best to take care of the children and Communicate with kids.”

She went on to write: “After thinking for a long time, the children considered practical issues and minimized psychological uneasiness, and judged that they should live in the space they have always lived in, so the children were raised by their father, and in order not to let the children They feel the vacancy of being a mother, and I meet with the children regularly.”

After news of Choi Min Hwan’s relationship with Yul Hee came to light in September 2017, Yul Hee admitted their relationship and quit her girl group LABOUM in November. In January 2018, Choi Min-hwan announced their marriage in a handwritten letter, and welcomed the birth of their eldest son Choi Jae-yul in May of the same year. The two welcomed the birth of twin daughters in February 2020.


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