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Fs Development Investment Technical Analysis and Stock Rating Analysis

The technical analysis of Fs Development Investment shows that the current price is 3.46 CNH, which is -16.63 percent away from the GD200 (4.15 CNH). From a technical chart perspective, this signals a negative development. The GD50, which reflects the average price development over 50 days, is CNH 3.76. This means that the share price is -7.98 percent below this value, which is also considered a “bad” signal. In summary, the Fs Development Investment share price is rated as “Poor” when the 50 and 200 day average is taken as a basis.

In terms of sentiment and buzz in internet communication, little has changed in the past few weeks. The share therefore receives a neutral rating. The level of discussion on social media also shows no exceptional activity in the last four weeks, which is why a “neutral” rating is given here too. Overall, the share is therefore classified as “neutral” at this level.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for the Fs Development Investment shows a value of 82.02, which indicates an overbought situation and is therefore rated as Poor. The RSI25, which extends the calculation period to 25 days, is at 59 and is classified as “Neutral”. Overall, this category receives a “Poor” rating.

The mood on social networks has been mainly positive in recent days, leading to an overall positive assessment by investors. In recent days there has been increased discussion of positive topics regarding the company Fs Development Investment, leading to a “Good” assessment of investor sentiment.

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