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from the Carrà to Battiato, up to Libero De Rienzo

The 2021 It was a complicated year for many aspects, but also for many mourning among the most loved famous people, in Italy as in the world. There are many giants who left us last year, some even in tragic circumstances: their death moves and excites months later, and will continue to do so.

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January 2021: from Larry King to Sophie, passing through Solange and Macaluso

2021 had opened with several premature and tragic deaths, in every field. Think, for example, of the former Senator Pd Emilia De Biasi (who died on January 5 at the age of 62), or the British DJ Sophie (who died at 34 after falling from the roof of her house in Athens). Also in January, on the 7th, he was found dead in the Solange home, a well-known Italian television personality. The US TV, then, on January 23 mourned the disappearance of the legendary Larry King, died of Covid at the age of 87. Italian politics also mourned the disappearance of Emanuele Macaluso, who died on January 19 at the ripe old age of 96.

February 2021: from Franco Marini to Erriquez, passing through Bellugi and Gresini

The month of February opened with news that shocked the world of entertainment: the death, at just 44 years of age from lung cancer, of actor Dustin Diamond, known worldwide for his role as Screech in Bayside School. On 9 February, the former president of the Senate, Franco, died at the age of 87 Marini, due to complications related to Covid. On February 14, Italian music mourned Erriquez, leader of Bandabardò, who died at the age of 60 after a long illness. Covid turned out to be fatal also for Mauro Bellugi (died at 71 on 20 February after the amputation of his legs as a result of the virus and a previous Mediterranean anemia) and for Fausto Gresini (former rider and motorcycle executive, killed by the virus at the age of 60 on 21 February). Shocking, for the world of politics and management, was also the death of Antonio Catricalà: the former president of the Antitrust was found dead, probably suicidal, in his home in Rome, on 24 February.

March 2021: music mourns Claudio Coccoluto and Raoul Casadei

The month of March opens with a serious mourning in the world of music: it is the 2nd when Claudio Pampered, beloved DJ, dies at 58 after a long illness. The world of music always mourns the disappearance of Raoul Casadei, killed by Covid on March 13 at the age of 83. A grave mourning for Italian culture is then represented by the death of Enrico Vaime, the famous writer, author and radio and television presenter, who died at the age of 85 on 28 March.

April 2021, grief in sport. Italy weeps for Milva, the world for Prince Philip

The month of April turns out to be tragic for the world of Italian sport: the former Italian volleyball player Michele dies on the 8th Pasinato (at 52, after a serious illness), the former cyclist Monica Bandini dies on the 19th (at 56, due to a sudden illness) and on the 29th the former rower Filippo Mondelli (at only 26 years of age from a very serious tumor ).
A serious mourning also in music: on April 23, at the age of 81, Milva, aka Maria Ilva, dies Biolcati. The legendary singer had been suffering from a severe neurodegenerative disease for several years.
Particular uproar, all over the world, aroused the death of the prince Filippo of Edinburgh (Queen Elizabeth’s husband died at 99 on 9 April) and Bernard Madoff (the banker, known for one of the biggest financial scams ever, died in prison on 14 April, at 82).

May 2021: farewell to Battiato and Carla Fracci. The Dupasquier tragedy

In May, Italian sport mourns the death of Alessandro Talotti (former Italian athlete, who died at 40 of a tumor on the 16th) and of Andrea Mari, known as Brio (legendary jockey of the Palio di Siena, who died on the 17th in a road accident , at age 43). The most shocking mourning is undoubtedly that for the death of Franco Battiato, May 18, at the age of 76. On May 22, Francesc Arnau was found dead, committing suicide: the former Barcelona goalkeeper was 45 years old. The following day also dies Max Mosley, 81 year old former president of the FIA ​​which also governs Formula 1. On May 26, an Italian football legend like Tarcisio dies at the age of 82 Burgnich. The mourning in Italy does not end here, because the following day Carla dies Fracci, legendary Italian dancer killed by cancer at the age of 84. Finally, on May 30th, the world of motorcycles mourns the death of Jason Dupasquier, a 19-year-old Swiss Moto3 rider, who had been involved in an accident at Mugello the day before.

June 2021, farewell to Epifani and Boniperti

On 7 June the trade unionist and politician Guglielmo dies at the age of 71, killed by a pulmonary embolism Epiphanes. On June 18, Giampiero dies instead Boniperti: the Juventus legend, who was also president of the Juventus club, was 92 years old.

July 2021, Italy mourns Raffaella Carrà and Libero De Rienzo

July is a terrible month for the Italian show business. On July 5th a legend like Raffaella dies Carrà, at 78, for a disease about which the utmost reserve was expressed. Shocking was also the death of Libero De Rienzo, one of the most talented actors of his generation: struck down by an overdose on July 15 at the age of 44. On July 27 the singer Gianni dies Nazzaro, at 72, the following day instead Lilly Bonato, at 74. Also on July 28, the writer and publisher Roberto Calasso, founder of Adelphi, dies at the age of 80.

August 2021: farewell to Gino Strada, Gianfranco D’Angelo and Gerd Müller

On 3 August a heart attack crushes the writer Antonio Plumes, at the age of 71. On 13 August Gino dies Street, doctor and founder of Emergency: he was 73 years old. The actor Gianfranco D’Angelo died on August 15, a few days before he turned 85. Also in mid-August, the world of football mourned a legend like Gerd Müller: the German was one of the most prolific strikers ever. On 21 August Nicoletta dies Orsomando, historic Rai announcer, aged 92. On August 24, a week before he turned 63, Fritz McIntyre, keyboardist of Simply Red for ten years, died.

September 2021, Jean-Paul Belmondo dies

The most excellent disappearance in September is undoubtedly that of Jean-Paul Belmondo. The French actor, a true legend of world cinema, died on 6 September at the age of 88. On 25 September, at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit, Dean Berta Viñales died in an accident: the 15-year-old, great promise of motorcycling, was a cousin of the Maverick rider.

October 2021, farewell to Colin Powell and Rossano Rubicondi

Colin dies on October 18 Powell, US politician and diplomat who was Secretary of State under the administration of George W. Bush. He was 84 years old and suffered from multiple myeloma which, together with the infection from Covid, was fatal despite being vaccinated.
On October 29, however, the entertainment world is once again shocked, this time due to the untimely death of Rossano Rubicondi: the actor and model, ill for some time, was 49 years old.

November 2021, farewell to Gian Piero Galeazzi and Wilbur Smith

On November 13, Italy mourns the death of Gian Piero Galeazzi: excellent tank top first and even greater journalist and conductor then, ‘Bisteccone’ was 75 years old and had been very ill for some time. The same day, at the age of 88, Wilbur Smith, writer and authors of great best-sellers, passed away. On November 22 the singer-songwriter and activist Paolo Pietrangeli died at the age of 76, while two days later Ennio died at the age of 81. Doris, executive, entrepreneur and banker, founder of Banca Mediolanum. On November 28 mourning in the fashion world: Virgil dies at the age of 41 Abloh, stylist and artistic director of Louis Vuitton, crushed by an angiosarcoma that had struck him three years earlier.

December 2021: farewell to Lina Wertmüller, Desmond Tutu, Paolo Calissano and Renato Scarpa

The end of the year is characterized by a series of excellent mourning, in Italy as in the rest of the world. On December 5, Bob Dole, a Republican exponent and former presidential candidate in the United States, dies: he was 98 years old, he had been ill for some time and in 1996 he challenged Bill Clinton. On the same day the singer-songwriter Toni dies Santagata (four days before she turns 86), while on December 9 the legendary director Lina Wertmüller dies at 93. On 11 December the former Spanish tennis player Manolo Santana (83 years old) dies, a week later the Italian-English star Richard Rogers. On December 26, South African Archbishop Desmond passes away at the age of 90 Tutu, a symbol of the fight against apartheid and an open and visionary activist. On December 28, the United States mourns the passing of former football legend John Madden (he was 85), while Italy is shocked by the tragic death of actor Paolo Calissano, just 54 years old. On December 30, however, Italian cinema mourns the death of Renato Scarpa, an 82-year-old actor.

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