Freiberg continues the successful introduction of the season in the won Czech championship game

Latvian hockey national team protector Ralph Freibergs on Sunday marked the successful passing of the Czech Extraliga game, his representative in Brno “Kometa” celebrating victory.

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“Kometa” beat Česke Budejovice’s “Madeta Motor” team in the post-throw series with the result 4: 3 (1: 1, 1: 2, 1: 0, 0: 0, 1: 0).

Freibergs assisted in the team’s second goal, helping to reach the result 2: 3 a minute and a half before the end of the second period. He played for 18 minutes and 34 seconds, during which he scored once and scored a positive efficiency of +1.

In another game, Litvinova’s “Verva”, represented by defenders Oskars Cibulskis and Uvis Balinsks, gave up Prague’s “Sparta” at the home of Verva with the result 1: 3 (1: 1, 0: 2, 0: 0).

Uvis Balinskis played for 20 minutes and 46 seconds, during which he threw three times and scored at a negative efficiency of -2, but Oskars Cibulskis One force technique was applied in 18 minutes, two penalty minutes were saved and the efficiency was neutral.

This season, 14 teams play in the strongest league in the Czech Republic. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the units have played a different number of games – from two to seven matches.

This was only the second game for the team represented by Freibergs. Defender in the first match of the season both scored and scored.

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