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Austria’s top politicians are in New York for five days: Sebastian Kurz, VdB and Foreign Minister Schallenberg are on a US tour under the sign of Corona.

At 10.15 a.m., Sebastian Kurz takes off from Schwechat in an AUA Boeing for New York. As reported, the Chancellor is at the opening of the 76th UN General Assembly at the United Nations. Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen (already arrived on Sunday) and Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg are also spending the week in the USA. “Today” accompanies the red-white-red trio.

Schallenberg personally at the UN

What is becoming apparent in advance: The corona pandemic will keep top domestic politicians in suspense even abroad. In addition to human rights issues and the climate crisis, everything at the United Nations is all about reconstruction after Corona. Around half of the 193 member states will be physically represented at the UN headquarters; all others will have the opportunity to speak with pre-recorded videos. For Austria, Foreign Minister Schallenberg will make his statement in person on Friday evening at 7.30 p.m. (local time). Clemens Oistric accompanies Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) in New York.“Today”

Briefly studied New York model

Sebastian Kurz will take part in a Corona summit with Joe Biden on Wednesday. The US President has made his own way from Washington to New York. The Chancellor recently made it unequivocally clear that vaccinated persons should retain more freedom than vaccination refusals in the event of future tightening of measures. This is already common practice in New York. When visiting restaurants and events in the Big Apple, a mandatory 1G rule applies – visitors must prove their vaccination status. Austria could soon follow suit. In any case, the Chancellor will study the model and its implementation in New York very carefully – for example during a visit to the Sparks Steak House on Tuesday. The restaurant in Midtown (not far from the East River) seats 684 guests. A good security concept is of course essential in delta autumn. Masks indoors are also often still required in NY. Austria’s government is still hesitant on this point.

VdB meets scientists

Further program items for the head of government: meeting with ex-politician Henry Kissinger and Rabbi Arthur Schneier. As was already planned in July, a citizenship award to descendants of Nazi victims in the Consulate General is planned.

Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler is now Federal President

If the Federal President and Chancellor are out of the house, the Vice Kirtag: This is how you can describe Political Austria from today. There Alexander Van der Bellen as well as Sebastian KurzThe Vice Chancellor’s hour strikes. Werner Kogler is head of state with immediate effect and as such is also allowed to sign state treaties. If a signature is required from the government, this is controlled by the education minister Heinz Fassmann (66) at, the oldest member of the government. What is not possible: Federal President Kogler, at his own request, to dissolve the National Council and thus trigger new elections. The government would have to apply for this unanimously.

Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen takes part in a commemorative event at the 9/11 Memorial Museum – just over a week after the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. He also meets leading scientists (Corona, Climate Circle) in the USA. On Friday evening the President and Chancellor are going back to Vienna in a plane – with the “AUAforce one”, so to speak …

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