Four laypeople started into space alone –

For the first time, four lay people went on a space excursion lasting several days into orbit.

The “Dragon” capsule, chartered from the space company SpaceX by 38-year-old US billionaire Jared Isaacman, was launched with the help of a “Falcon 9” rocket from the Cape Canaveral spaceport in the US state of Florida. SpaceX speaks of the “first mission to orbit the earth with only laypersons” – there is no trained professional astronaut on board, the capsule flies largely automatically.

Higher than the ISS space station

The “Dragon” with Isaacman and three fellow travelers on board is supposed to orbit the earth for around three days. At around 580 kilometers above the earth, the capsule is said to fly even higher than the International Space Station (ISS) and orbiting the earth at around 30,000 kilometers per hour every 90 minutes. Service “Netflix” is created, among other things, donations are to be collected for a children’s hospital in the US state of Tennessee. The four all-day trippers should also carry out scientific experiments.



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