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Formidable Elizabeth II and unhappy Diana: the first teaser of the new season of the series “Crown”

The series “Crown” is eagerly awaited by millions of fans all over the world. The project tells the true story of the life of Elizabeth II and the entire royal family. In previous seasons, viewers have already watched how the queen solves problems with her husband, quarrels with her children and sister. Now attention will be paid to the personal life of Prince Charles.

The teaser, published on August 20, shows several footage of Emma Corinne as Lady Dee. The writers will tell you how Diana Spencer met Charles and why she agreed to become his wife. Also, great attention will be paid to the psychological problems of Diana and her conflicts with journalists.

The series will also feature Little Princes William and Harry. Fans speculate that the tensions between Elizabeth II and Diana will be the main conflict in the new season. Everyone knows that the queen was not always supportive of her daughter-in-law, considering her too open and rebellious.

The series will pay great attention to Princess Diana

Olivia Colman will again play the role of Elizabeth II in the fourth season. The Oscar-winning actress has admitted many times that it was difficult for her to reincarnate as the reigning monarch, because the character of the heroine is too ambiguous. Gillian Anderson will also appear on the show as Margaret Thatcher.

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The new episodes are slated to premiere on November 15th. The series will tell about the very beginning of the relationship between Charles and Diana. The reasons for the couple’s early quarrels will also be revealed. But their final separation and the tragic death of the princess of hearts will be shown only in the fifth season.

Recall that in the first two years of work alone, the creators of the show spent 156 million dollars, which made the “Crown” one of the most expensive projects on television. The utmost precision, even in detail, is the reason the series has gained international popularity and won dozens of awards. And yet, fans are worried that the creators will not be able to tell the tragic story of Princess Diana in all colors.

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