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Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla Endorses Muhaimin Iskandar (Cak Imin) in the 2024 Presidential Election

CNN Indonesia

Wednesday, 10 Jan 2024 16:29 IWST

Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla encourages Muhaimin Iskandar (Cak Imin) in the 2024 presidential election (CNN Indonesia/ Ryan H. Suhendra)

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia

Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) encouraged vice presidential candidate number 1 Muhaimin Iskandar alias Cak Imin in the 2024 presidential election.

However, this encouragement was conveyed in the form of a flick from JK which was expressed in the ‘Dialogue with Entrepreneurs throughout East Java’ agenda, Wednesday (10/1) afternoon.

“We hope this… loses to Gibran? It’s too late, isn’t it? With Pak Mahfud, it’s really competition. That’s okay,” quipped JK, who was greeted by laughter from Cak Imin and businessmen at the Namira Hotel, Surabaya, East Java, Wednesday (10 /1).

In this agenda, JK also provided views on the condition of the national economy and advice regarding choosing future leaders. JK alluded to potential leaders who like to get angry.

“In terms of tabligh, who is the best? Anies. Who is the smart one? Anies. The most trustworthy? Anies. Who is the most honest? Anies. Well, that’s all the point,” said JK. The answer ‘Anies’ referred to was expressed by a dialogue participant which was then emphasized by JK.

“Because we have to follow the knowledge of the Prophet. If one of our friends keeps getting angry, what will happen to the country being led by someone who likes to get angry? What will happen if he argues with the head of another country? The head of another country could get punched,” he added.

JK showed his attitude of supporting candidate number 1 Anies Baswedan and Muhaimin Iskandar (AMIN) even though he had not stated it explicitly.

“Previously, I was neutral, neutral in the sense of having my own choice, but looking at this situation, that’s enough. What if it’s like this,” said JK.

“I’ll be honest about why, to protect myself, if there’s a problem, I can go anywhere. I’m good friends with Mrs. Mega, have a good relationship, good friends with Prabowo who talked about the land. I was the one who gave it to me at the time. I didn’t give it directly, no,” concluded JK.

On the same occasion and place, Cak Imin expressed his thanks to JK.

He is grateful that JK has supported AMIN and the spirit of change that they always uphold. Cak Imin claimed that the reason JK supported AMIN was because the former did not want Indonesia to go in the wrong direction.

“Mr JK doesn’t want Indonesia to go in the wrong direction. Mr JK doesn’t want leadership to be led without proper ideas and plans,” he said.

“Who remembers taglineMr JK said, ‘the sooner the better’. This continues to be our passion. “God willing, with Mr. JK’s blessing and support, AMIN will win throughout the country,” said Cak Imin.

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