Former Senior Chinese Government Scientist Claims “Lab Leakage Not Ruled Out” As Corona Origin

Wuhan laboratory (archives from France Press)

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Once again, the talk about origin is back corona to the fore, as its origin remains a mystery amid many and many hypotheses, including its leakage from a research laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

In this context, a former senior Chinese government scientist blew a surprise about the matter, saying that the hypothesis of corona leakage from a laboratory should not be ruled out.

“Don’t rule anything out”

“You can always suspect anything. This is science. Don’t rule anything out,” Professor George Gao, a world-leading virologist and immunologist and former head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, explained in an interview with the BBC.

He also added that some kind of official investigation had been conducted Wuhan laboratorya possible sign that the Chinese government may have taken the lab leak theory seriously without making it public.

“lab check twice”

He also added, “This laboratory was examined twice by experts in this field. I did not see the result of these examinations, but I heard that the laboratory obtained a clean health certificate, as the experts found that it follows all protocols without any errors.”

As he concluded, “We don’t really know where the virus came from… The question is still open.”

Wuhan laboratory (archives from France Press)

It is noteworthy that Gao is currently the vice president of the National Natural Science Foundation in China after retiring from the CDC last year, and having played a major role in the response to the epidemic and in efforts to trace its origins.

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While the Chinese government rejects any suggestion that the disease may have originated in a Wuhan virology laboratory.

Previous investigations

It is noteworthy that in 2021, WHO experts assigned to research the origin of Covid-19 announced, after spending 4 weeks in Wuhan, that they were unable to detect the origins of the virus, considering that the theory of its leakage from a laboratory was “extremely unlikely” without being able to identify the responsible animal. transmission of the disease to humans.

Last year, experts conducted another investigation on the origin of COVID-19, but they did not reach conclusive results, largely due to the lack of data from China, they said.

While the US Department of Energy believes that the virus may have leaked after a laboratory accident, and thus it agrees with the assessments of the Federal Bureau of Investigation “FBI”.

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