Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year shocked the world. Leaders of various countries actively promoted negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who once brokered peace talks between Ukraine and Russia, went crazy in the video that he was accused of breaking the news that “Western leaders blocked the peace talks.” Immediately after the spread, he quickly clarified in a Twitter Po post: “Not sure if any agreement will be reached. At that time, I thought there was about a 50% chance. The Americans felt that the chance was much lower. It is difficult to say who is right.” Foreign media also pointed out that the negotiations The interruption was due to revelations of Russian war crimes.

Bennett released an interview video in Hebrew on his YouTube channel on the 5th. According to the English subtitles in the video, he mentioned in the interview that it was a good idea for some Israeli allies to disagree with the peace agreement in March last year. It would be better to argue that “keep fighting Putin”, lest he or other leaders become bold in “peace at all costs”. Pressed by the interviewer, “So they stopped it?” Bennett responded, “Yes. They stopped it, and I think they were wrong.”

In this regard, the Russian official media Sputnik News Agency claimed that this is evidence that the United States and its allies have prevented the end of the Ukraine-Russia crisis. There are also many pro-Russian camps pointing out that the Western militant establishment is responsible for the bloody conflict in Ukraine. Twitter CEO Elon Musk ) also responded “??” However, the US media Business Insider emphasized that the English translation of this video was flawed, because neither Bennett nor the interviewer used the word “stop” but “stop”, and referred to the still Peace talks in progress, not a negotiated peace agreement.

Bennett also stated in the same interview that it was not the United States, France or Germany that terminated the peace talks, but because the Russian army’s war crimes of massacring hundreds of civilians in Bucha, a town near Kiev, were revealed. The interview made it clear: “As soon as the Butchart massacre happened, I said ‘it’s over.'” He also responded directly to Musk on Twitter: “Not sure if such an agreement is attractive. I thought so at the time, But only time will tell.”