Former Commander Cho Hyun-chun Faces Arrest Warrant Request Amid Martial Law Documents Probe | Yunhap News

The prosecution, which is investigating the suspicion of writing martial law documents for former Defense Security Command commander Cho Hyun-chun, requested an arrest warrant today (31st).

The Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s Office announced that it had requested an arrest warrant for former Commander Cho on charges of abuse of power and involvement in politics related to the election of the president of the General Freedom Federation, the budget for the Defense Security Command, and the formation of public opinion after conducting an investigation on the second day.

Prosecutors said they will continue to investigate charges such as preparing for civil war and conspiracy against former commander Cho.

In February 2017, former Commander Cho formed a ‘Martial Law Document Writing Task Force’ and ordered to write a martial law review document, and is suspected of reporting it to then Minister of National Defense Han Min-goo.

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