Former Brusque player dies after suffering a heart attack during game

Adans João Santos Alencar, former Brusque side, died yesterday (17) after suffering a heart attack fulminating during a footvolley match. The 38-year-old former player was playing in Blumenau for the Santa Catarina Championship of the modality when he got sick and had to be rescued.

According to information from the Military Fire Department of Blumenau, confirmed by UOL Sport, Adans received care while still on site, but he did not resist and died. In addition to playing for Brusque, between 2004 and 2005, the former player also played for Criciúma, in 2007, and Marcílio Dias, in 2006 and between 2010 and 2011.

Adans retired in 2018, when he was wearing the shirt Windsor Arch Ka I, from Macau. In addition to the Chinese club and teams from Santa Catarina, the lateral accumulates tickets in the Atlético-MG, Veranópolis, Brazil from Pelotas, São Bernardo, Cascavel and Paranavaí.

Both Brusque and Marcílio Dias posted notes of regret about the death of the former player. Check out:

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