Forest fires in many places in France are raging again, and the area has reached tens of thousands of hectares

China News Agency, Paris, August 12 (Reporter Li Yang) Forest fires in many places in France have raged again this week, with an area of ​​tens of thousands of hectares burned. Firefighters from many European countries rushed to France to help put out the fire.

The area most severely affected by the forest fires is still the Gironde department in southwestern France. According to statistics on the 12th, the fire area of ​​this forest fire in the province has reached 7,400 hectares. Local officials said on the same day that the fire has no tendency to expand further for the time being, but due to the current poor weather conditions, it is necessary to continue to maintain a high degree of vigilance.

The affected area of ​​the forest fire also includes large swathes of woodland in south-central and eastern France, with an area of ​​nearly 2,600 hectares burned. The famous Brocéliande forest in the Brittany region of western France was also affected by the fire. As of the evening of the 12th, the forest has burned an area of ​​260 hectares, and the fire has not yet been controlled.

At present, thousands of French firefighters and rescuers are involved in the firefighting work in the fire-affected areas; hundreds of firefighters from Germany, Poland, Austria and Romania have also come to France in the past two days to assist in the firefighting. French Interior Minister Dalmanin called for more volunteer firefighters to be involved in the firefighting in the Gironde province, a call backed by French Defense Minister Le Corny.

Some French officials suspect that arson may be one of the factors that caused the forest fires. Many places in France have recently been plunged into severe drought, coupled with the impact of continued heat waves, causing repeated fires. Many experts tend to believe that extreme weather caused by climate change will make the fires more likely to be extinguished. Last month’s forest fires in southwestern France burned more than 20,000 hectares.

According to the forecast issued by the French Meteorological Department on the 12th, 21 provinces in France entered an orange warning state of high temperature or thunderstorms. The western and southwestern regions of France, including the Gironde department, are still facing high temperatures of 35C to 38C, with temperatures reaching 40C in some areas. (Finish)

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