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Foreigner – Update on French women abroad

The top three have won and Roma remain three points ahead of Juventus and five ahead of Fiorentina, who have a six-point advantage over their closest pursuers, Inter and Como.

Juventus : four French players started in the 5-0 victory over Inter, and Ella Palis came on in the second half. Lindsey Thomas scored a double, assisted on the second goal by Maëlle Garbino.

Fiorentina : Laura Agard remained on the bench during the Tuscans’ clear 3-0 victory over Como.

Inter Milan : Ghoutia Karchouni came on as a substitute during the big defeat against Juventus (0-5).

Milan : during the draw conceded against Sampdoria (1-1), Emelyne Laurent came on at the end of the match while Julie Piga played the entire game.

Pomigliano: two weeks after announcing its immediate withdrawal from the championship and a little over a week after reversing its decision, the club won its first match against Naples 2-1 in a bottom-of-the-table duel and its Tricolores were decisive. Laura Bourgouin provided an assist on the first goal, Iris Rabot scored the second from the penalty spot in added time. Lucie Tengue remained on the bench.

Sampdoria : Sarah Huchet and Alice Benoît played the entire match which ended with a draw against Milan (1-1).

Sassuolo: despite a good score, the club failed to beat Roma (0-2). Solène Durand and Annahita Zamanian started, the second was replaced at the break.

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