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Foreign ultras stir up the hornet’s nest of violence in Spanish football


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Madrid, December 11 (EFE). (Images: Raúl García).- At the end of August, in Monaco, chance wanted Atlético de Madrid to face Celtic, Feyenoord and Lazio in the Champions League. A thousand kilometers away, the Police took note: they were not worried about the colchoneros’ game, but rather the ultra fans of their rivals who stir up the hornet’s nest of violence in football. With the national panorama under control, the alert is usually activated when ultras from foreign teams travel to any point in Spain. Although international cooperation and control over ticket sales manage to reduce violence to a minimum, cases continue to occur periodically. “When many come without entry, it is another incentive to reinforce security, because altercations can occur. They are complicated devices, but incidents occur very few,” explains an inspector from the General Information Commissioner (CGI) in an interview with EFE. with experience in these radical groups. EFE. PIXELATED IMAGE. TOTALS FROM AN INSPECTOR FROM THE GENERAL INFORMATION COMMISSIONER (CGI) WITH EXPERIENCE IN THESE RADICAL GROUPS, ABOUT THE HIGH RISK MATCH THAT ATLÉTICO DE MADRID WILL PLAY NEXT WEDNESDAY AGAINST THE ITALIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE LAZIO, OF THE RECOVERY OF ALTERCATIONS THIS SEASON , AND THE DRACAS, MEETS OF VIOLENT GROUPS TO BEAT THEM.

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