forecast for Saturday August 22, 2020

Here is the weather forecast for the day of Saturday, August 22, 2020, established by the General Directorate of Meteorology:

– Hot weather in the South, the South-East, the interior of Souss, Chiadma and in places on the interior plains.

– Frequent and sometimes dense low clouds on the coasts and the northern and central plains with misty formations in places.

– Unstable clouds on the reliefs of the Atlas, their neighboring plains, the South-East and the South of the Oriental with thunderstorms in places and possibility of hail.

– Stable weather and clear to slightly cloudy skies elsewhere.

– Sand-hunting possible in places in the South and South-East provinces.

– Moderate to fairly strong northerly wind on the Center coasts and the southern provinces, weak to moderate east to north winds over the South-East and the South of the Oriental, and weak to moderate north to west sectors elsewhere.

– Minimum temperatures of around 27/32 ° C in the South-East of the country, the South of the Oriental, the South and East of the South provinces, 23/28 ° C in the Oriental, the Saiss , Rhamna, Tadla and the interior of the South provinces, and 18/23 ° C on the North and Center plains and the North-West of the South provinces, and 14/18 ° C on the reliefs.

– Maximum temperatures of around 42/47 ° C in the south-east of the country, the south and east of the Saharan provinces, the interior of Souss and Chiadma. 37/43 ° C on the Oriental, the plains west of the Atlas, the south-eastern slopes, the Saiss, the western Rif, the Phosphate and Oulmès plateaus and the interior of the southern provinces, 30 / 36 ° C on the Mediterranean shore, the Rif, the Middle Atlas, the Anti-Atlas, the North-West of the southern provinces and the Atlantic plains and 24/31 ° C on the High Atlas and near the coasts.

A beautiful sea that is slightly agitated on the Mediterranean, not very rough on the Straits, rough to strong between Cap Sim and Tan Tan and little to rough elsewhere.

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