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For a quality life – and joint nerve freezing

Jankus clinic uses the most advanced treatment methods

Anesthesiologist-pain physician V. Jankus performs the knee nerve freezing procedure. Every patient’s case is different. Therefore, individual treatment is adapted to everyone. All procedures performed at Jankus clinic and their prices are indicated on the website www.jankusklinika.lt. You are invited to register by tel. 8 690 11118.

A miracle worker – this is how many patients describe the anesthesiologist-pain doctor Vidas JANKŲ with almost 12 years of experience. For many, it is hard to believe that the pains suffered for years can disappear in an instant, while still in the doctor’s office, with the most advanced treatment methods.
At the Jankus Clinic – Pain Treatment Center opened in Gargždai, more than one patient has been restored to a quality life, pain is even treated with joint nerve freezing, and regenerative treatment is still unknown to few people in Lithuania.
The pain disappears even in the doctor’s office
– Tell me about freezing the joint nerves. When and in what cases does it apply?
– I remember a year ago Panevėžys Hospital announced that they were the first in Lithuania to start such treatment. Also, this treatment is applied in Santara clinics, but I have been practicing it for five years. However, I notice that people are very lacking in information about this.
In the case of significant arthrosis of the shoulder, hip or knee joint and unbearable pain, when the patient cannot have prosthetics due to concomitant serious diseases or when it is necessary to wait a long time for surgery and the pain is unbearable, nerve freezing with a needle can be used. A cold of minus 70 degrees is applied near the nerves of the joint, which lose sensation from the joint area, and the pain is gone. The pain disappears already in the doctor’s office.
– Could you give specific examples?
– One patient could not have a knee replacement due to severe heart pathology, first of all it was suggested to perform a very complicated heart surgery. The pain in the knees was unbearable. Described as: “Like a knife stabbing into the knee with every step.”
After the procedure, the patient could not believe the effect of the treatment, she walked as if completely healthy. The biggest appreciation for me is feedback. A few days later, the client left the following feedback on our website jankusklinika.lt: “If there was an opportunity, I would suggest declaring him a Saint!!! When I lived for so many years with excruciating pain in my knee joints, when every step is a knife to the joint and to the heart, and suddenly it all disappears, it disappears already in the doctor’s office!!! Only one who suffers inhuman pains can understand what a blessing it is to walk without pain. An unreal doctor, a great person…in short, a miracle worker!!!! Thank you, Doctor!!!” The effect after the treatment lasts from half a year to a year, if the pains return, it can be repeated.
Job evaluation – feedback
– Postherpetic neuralgia is another one of the diseases that are said to be incurable. Could you also help patients suffering from this disease?
– This excruciatingly painful disease follows a shingles rash caused by the chicken pox virus, which has lived in a person’s nerve endings after the initial infection and has become active again many years later. A skin rash with blisters appears, accompanied by severe pain. After healing, the skin may be scarred, and about 10-18 percent of cases remain with very severe skin pain, often for life. No medicine helps, and because of this pain, a person cannot tolerate even the touch of clothes to the skin. The worst thing is that these people are told that all the medicines have been tried to reduce this pain and there are no other means, and they are offered to accept that it will stay like this.
However, at our clinic, a very advanced treatment of this pain is applied, which returns the joy of life to the patient. I can again quote the feedback of a patient left at our clinic. This patient was treated with this method. “I had shingles for four years, constant pain and strong painkillers every day. After learning about the Jankaus clinic, I immediately registered and was accepted a couple of weeks later. A miracle happened, after the first procedure the pain decreased by 70%. A month later, the second procedure was performed, now I feel like a new born, the pain is gone, I don’t need any more medicine. I am extremely grateful to the wonderful doctor for his professionalism and pleasant communication. Health and strength in your noble work, Dr. Stebukladary. Dear people, don’t suffer pain, go to this wonderful doctor!” – this is what the review says.
Urges not to suffer pain – to apply
– You also mentioned regenerative treatment methods. What makes them special?
– This is a treatment that involves the injection of drugs or the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma. Damaged tissues are treated with this method: skin scars, damage to tendons, ligaments, muscle joints. The result of the treatment is the disappearance of bothersome pain.
– Is it true that sometimes you just need to release a pinched nerve and the pain goes away?
– Of course. I notice that it is still not widely known that pinched nerves can be released with a needle precisely using the ultrasound, where medication is administered around the pinched nerve and thus relaxes the nerve. In most cases, such treatment is completely sufficient and surgical treatment is not necessary. This method can treat a fairly common disease – carpal tunnel syndrome, when the hands are numb and painful, especially at night. Pressed nerves in the legs and other parts of the body can also be released.

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