Foods to Avoid for Gastritis and Ulcers: Fatty Meat, Sweets, Spices, and Alcohol

Foods to Avoid for Gastritis and Ulcers: Fatty Meat, Sweets, Spices, and Alcohol

Fatty meat, sweets, spices and alcohol are among the foods that “upset” the stomach, especially if you suffer from gastritis or ulcers.

Doctors say that people who are diagnosed with these conditions must be very careful what they eat, because their condition can get worse quickly.

Prof. Dr. Carol Stanciu, primary gastroenterology doctor, says that people with gastritis or ulcers should avoid large meals: “Such a patient must eat little and often, so that food becomes a ‘buffer’ that protects his stomach.”

Also, nutritionists point out that, in addition to diet, patients must avoid stress, because it stimulates gastric secretion from the stomach.

Among the foods that should be avoided when you suffer from ulcers or gastritis are: fatty meat, sweets, alcohol, lemon and spices.

Chicken skin, sausages, mincemeat preparations have a rich fat content, and they are quite difficult to digest, and the stomach cannot work at normal parameters.

Sweets are prohibited because most contain cream, butter or margarine, ingredients that stimulate gastric acid. In addition, doctors recommend avoiding lollies and desserts with a lot of sugar, such as burnt sugar cream.

And alcohol or acidic drinks should be avoided even in small amounts by people with gastritis.

Nutritionists say that when we drink alcohol, the gastric juice is stimulated and that is why the stomach demands food, because it produces pain.

The patient with gastritis has lesions on the stomach walls, and alcohol worsens the situation, experts warn. Consumed in excess, alcohol accelerates the digestive process, which disrupts the water absorption process in the tissues – and this inevitably leads to diarrhea.

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Also watch out for chewing gum or sugar-free sweets – they can have a laxative effect! Aspartame, sucralose and sorbitol contribute to the appearance of diarrheal stools and promote bloating.

Lemon irritates the gastric mucosa, and spices are contraindicated for people who have increased acidity, because they stimulate gastric secretion. Thus, people suffering from gastritis should avoid onion, garlic, hot pepper, paprika and pepper.

Spicy foods can irritate the lining of the stomach and intestines, which increases the speed at which food moves through the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in watery stools.

Dr. Mihai Ciocârlan, primary gastroenterologist, says that gastritis and ulcers occur frequently due to Helicobacter pylori infection, but also as a result of drug abuse, such as anti-inflammatories.

“They attack the stomach, and gastritis can only be seen after an endoscopic analysis or a biopsy”, says Dr. Ciocârlan.

In the end, bad news for coffee lovers. If you can’t start the day without a big cup of coffee, at least make sure you’re at home. Caffeine stimulates intestinal contractions, so food waste is quickly pushed through the colon and is not properly absorbed, favoring the occurrence of diarrhea. Also, the acidity in the liqueur preferred by many sleepy people can worsen certain digestive problems, so be careful with the quantities!

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