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Foods to Avoid and Eat for a Healthy Pancreas: Tips for Improving Pancreatic Health

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Improving the health of your pancreas is possible through correct nutrition: here are which foods avoid problems with this organ.

The pancreas is a fundamental gland, responsible for production of hormones needed to regulate blood sugar: it is important to learn how to preserve its well-being and functionality.

Located in the abdomen, posterior to the stomach, measures approximately 15 cm and has exocrine and endocrine functions.

Regarding endocrine function the pancreas is responsible for producing hormones that control blood sugar levelssuch as insulin, glucagon and somatostatin.

The exocrine function, on the other hand, consists of production of pancreatic juice, a liquid rich in digestive enzymessuch as lipase or amylase.

How to prevent pancreas problems: foods to avoid

A healthy diet is essential to prevent or limit inflammatory processes and preserve the health of our pancreas. Adopting a healthy lifestyle helps the pancreas: there is a need correct body weight, regulate physical activity, avoid smoking and alcohol and change your diet.

The ideal diet for a healthy pancreas includes a low content of saturated fats and simple sugars which should instead be replaced with good fats, proteins, fibre, complex carbohydrates and foods rich in antioxidants. Fruit is an excellent food for preserving the health of the pancreas, but it should be consumed in moderation, in the amount of 2-3 portions per day of approximately 150 grams. Foods to avoid to keep your pancreas healthy are red meat, fried foods, fatty foods such as butter or margarine, sweets and sugary drinks, caffeine and alcohol..

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Foods that are good for the pancreas: what to eat

What to eat to keep your pancreas healthy? Here is the list of foods that are good for our pancreas. Green leafy vegetables it is rich in vitamin K which reduces inflammation. Cabbage and broccoli they are rich in flavonoids which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. The red fruits they are rich in anthocyanins with a powerful antioxidant action. And probiotics they improve the microbiota, whose imbalance causes pancreatitis.

Whole grains they are rich in fiber which regulates blood sugar levels. Lean protein sourcessuch as white fish and legumes, contain little saturated fat and do not tire the pancreas. Ginger It has anti-inflammatory properties and improves insulin resistance. Turmeric reduces the risk of diabetes 2. The sweet potato it is excellent for its anti-hyperglycemic activity. Finally, it is advisable the garlicwith antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

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