“Foodbook Hotel at Perumbailao Junction: Providing Free Food for Those in Need”

Perumbailav ∙ ‘You can get food even if you don’t have money. It is enough to tell in advance at the counter’. This is a board installed a year ago at the counter of Foodbook Hotel at Perumbailao Junction. Kabir, the owner of Atturvalap, hung this sign in his hotel after many times he saw travelers returning without eating because they did not have enough money after entering the hotel. Kabir insisted that no one should go hungry for lack of money.

Later, many people who didn’t have cash, lost their wallets and failed to make online payments starved themselves with free food at Kabir’s hotel. Most of them were long-distance commuters traveling on state highways. Most of them later paid at the hotel.

Intrigued by the board, many diners regularly donate small amounts to the free food distribution. Kabir says that they do not ban those who give compulsorily even though they say it is not necessary. Kabir has set aside this amount to be used for other charitable activities.

He said that they will continue to provide free food to those who have no money. Perumbailao Center is a major food hub on Choondal Kuttipuram and Nilambur Perumbailao state highways. There are about 30 restaurants along with hotels and shops in Perumilavu. Foodbook Hotel started 2 years ago at Perumbailao Centre.

2023-05-08 08:15:00
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