Folk Singer’s Teenage Daughter Raises Eyebrows with Revealing Fashion Choices

The teenage daughter of folk singer Maria wants to be big. Mariah is no longer the little girl she was at the dawn of her mother’s career. For some time now, the 14-year-old girl has been dressing more and more revealingly, wearing branded bags, wearing make-up and following her mother’s path. Mariah even bared her cleavage in a short and cropped tank top, saw The Weeknd.

Followers of the Opener’s daughter noticed her bust, which is quite large for a skinny girl like her. Fans of the folk singer wondered if Maria had allowed her to get silicone implants at such a tender age.

“Do you have silicone?” asked young people, but Mariah did not answer. Most likely, the teenager started wearing special bras to make her breasts look bigger – it is unlikely that Mariah will allow her heiress to tune up before she is has reached the age of majority.

The girl is naturally beautiful, petite and thin like her mother. Mariah’s followers on social media are hoping that she doesn’t go crazy with interventions and jukes, because she looks really good, and she’s still a kid.

In folk, there are several examples of star heirs who put on jukis before they turned 18. The most grotesque are the daughters of Anelia and Liana, who have been farting with huge mouths and silicone breasts for some time and are far from looking like their tender years.

Maria gave birth to Mariah in August 2008 and the little lady is not yet 15 years old, which she will be in a few months. Mariah studies in one of the most expensive schools in Bulgaria and is a fan of luxury fashion, just like her star mother. She is a child of Maria’s first marriage with businessman Dimitar Andonov from Blagoevgrad. Her parents divorced when Mariah was still in kindergarten.

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Her father has a son and a daughter from his second wife, Nicole, with whom they have been together for 10 years. During the same time, the Opener married and divorced several more times, and more than one wealthy man passed through her bed. Maria never hid that if the man next to her had no money, she would dump him without blinking an eye.

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