Foggia, bomb attack in the night: third episode in 5 days

There is fear in the Apulian capital. Since the beginning of the year, at least three attacks have been carried out in Foggia: two bars were set on fire on New Year’s Eve. On Friday, however, a 53-year-old man, Roberto D’Angelo, was killed in an ambush on the outskirts of Foggia while he was aboard his car as a killer who joined him on a motorcycle. D’Angelo in 2016 was the victim of a beating by four criminals who tried to extort 80 thousand euros to his nephew, owner of a car park. The prosecutor tends to exclude that there are mafia contexts related to the murder but it investigates 360 degrees.

The explosion that terrifies half the city Certainly the attacks on cars and shops are causing anxiety in the population. “We were at home and we heard this very loud roar that made three buildings tremble.” Antonio declared a resident of the building complex in via D’Aragona in Foggia where the bomb went off. “We were thinking of a gas leak or something similar. And instead we went out onto the balcony and saw smoke – continues Antonio – We realized what had happened. The windshield of my car broke because of the bomb.”

Touched the massacre The man said that immediately before the explosion he was leaving the house with his seven-month-old daughter, but fortunately he gave up because the little girl felt sick. “Otherwise – he says – the explosion would have hit us in full”.

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