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Fluminense Defeats Al-Ahly 2-0 in Club World Cup Quarter-Finals

Written by Omar Anwar Monday, December 18, 2023 11:00 PM

Al-Ahly team lost to the Brazilian team Fluminense by two clean goals, in the match that brought them together at Al-Jawhara Stadium in Saudi Arabia, as part of the quarter-finals of the Club World Cup.

Colombian John Arias scored a penalty kick for Fluminense in the 71st minute, and John Kennedy, a Brazilian player for Fluminense, added the second goal in the 90th minute.

Brazil’s experiences triumph

The Brazilian team Fluminense decided the match with the expertise of its players, after taking advantage of the second half to impose its say on the match, taking advantage of the opportunities afforded to it, led by the Brazilian Marcilio, who received a penalty kick from Percy Tau, and they took advantage of counterattacks to double the score.

Wasting opportunities and physical fitness is the cause of defeat

Al-Ahly continued to suffer from its players wasting easy opportunities in front of the opponents’ goal, as the Red Giant players took turns wasting the opportunities that came to them during the two halves of the match, the most prominent of which were from Kahraba and Percy Tau, who wasted the opportunity for Al-Ahly to advance more than once, and the team also failed to equalize.

The second half witnessed a sharp decline in the physical fitness of Al-Ahly players, which caused the Brazilian team to control the course of the match, contrary to what everyone expected of the opposite happening.

Bronze last hope

Al-Ahly is awaiting the match between Japan’s Urawa and Manchester City, scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, to face the loser for third and fourth place in an attempt to win the bronze medal at the end of the team’s World Cup journey.

Match events

The match began enthusiastically on the part of both teams, and the period of “feeling the pulse” quickly disappeared, and Kahraba launched a dangerous attack, and the Brazilian team’s defense intervened with a dangerous attack in which the goalkeeper sympathized with Al-Ahly in the ninth minute.

Al-Ahly wasted two chances

Al-Ahly wasted two chances in the first half. The first was via a corner kick on Maaloul that reached Abdel Moneim and Kahraba, but the Brazilian defense intervened and saved the situation. The second was via Kahraba in the 36th minute after Al-Shahat played a ball that bounced off the Brazilian team’s defense to find Kahraba, who headed it in, but the Fluminense goalkeeper saved the ball with his fingertips, and it returned to Percy Tau. Who played it over the goal.

The left post sympathizes twice

The left post sympathized with Al-Ahly Club twice, the first in the 9th minute after Colombian John Arias shot at the post after a Keno pass reached him, and the second also from the same Colombian player and at the same post.

Returns are Al-Ahly’s weapon

Al-Ahly continued to put pressure on the Brazilian team’s goal, taking advantage of the runs of Percy Tau, Al-Shahat, and Emam Ashour, but the opponent’s defense blocked these balls, ending the first half in a goalless draw.

A Brazilian start in the second half

The Fluminense team surprised everyone by dominating the first 15 minutes of the second half and threatening Al-Ahly’s goal on more than one occasion. The Brazilian team’s possession reached 69%, and the Brazilian Martinelli almost scored Fluminense’s first goal after he shot a strong ball at El-Shenawy’s goal, but it passed past the post.

Al-Ahly relied on counter-attacks, and Al-Ahly had a dangerous opportunity after Percy Tau passed to Hussein Al-Shahat, who shot the ball, but the Fluminense goalkeeper blocked it brilliantly, and then Al-Ahly tried with a strong shot, but Milito deflected it with his head before it reached Brazil’s goal.

First Brazilian goal

Polish referee Marciniak awarded a penalty kick to Fluminense in the 69th minute after Percy Tau obstructed Brazilian Marcelo, and Colombian John Arias translated it successfully in the 71st minute, announcing the Brazilian team’s lead.

Percy Tau wasted the chance of a certain goal in the 72nd minute after a wonderful pass from Hussein El Shahat, but he wasted it strangely by heading into the goalkeeper’s hand to waste a sure chance.

Al-Ahly continued its attacks to achieve the equalizer, and Maaloul passed a ball to Taher Mohamed Taher, who turned it into the Fluminense goal, but it was easily in the hands of the goalkeeper, wasting another opportunity for Al-Ahly in the 76th minute.

John Kennedy, the Brazilian Fluminense player, scored the second goal in the 90th minute after an organized counterattack, ending Al-Ahly’s hopes of returning to the match, which ended with the Brazilian Fluminense winning by two clean goals and advancing to the final.

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