Florent Pagny: the singer breaks “two or three ribs” during a concert

Florent Pagny recently announced that his cancer is in remission

Florent Pagny is reportedly coming out of one of the most difficult periods of his life. According to Europe 1, the French singer assured that his lung cancer is in remission. “I’m doing very well,” he declared in the 8 p.m. news on TF1 last Thursday.

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Since Florent Pagny learned that he had lung cancer, it is no longer so easy for the singer to perform in concerts and appear in public. In January 2022, the famous French singer announced on social networks that he was suffering from this terrible disease. His cancer then progressed quicklyto the point that he had to leave the show prematurely The Voice. After several hesitations, he finally returned to the stage. Not without difficulties.

Florent Pagny suffered a serious fall before a concert

Florent Pagny is reportedly coming out of one of the most difficult periods of his life. According to Europe 1the French singer assured that his lung cancer is in remission phase. ” I’m doing very well “he declared in the 8 p.m. news from TF1last Thursday. “I had all my tests done today, after my last treatment and a series of rays. Everything went very well and the results are great. » Florent Pagny even decided to get back to singing seriously, he who had to cancel so many concerts because of his illness. The years 2022 and 2023 have, in fact, not been kind to him.

Since January 2022, Florent Pagny has been fighting to maintain his musical activities. At the time, no one knew if it would be possible to see him take the stage again. Before undergoing his first treatment, in 2022, he had canceled all his concerts and his tours. Twice, hopes were raised after the singer announced that his cancer was in remission. His health improving, he was finally able to participate in a few concerts during 2023. But one of his last appearances in June almost ended in cancellation due to a heavy fall.

An accident just before his concert on June 30, in the Nîmes arenas

In June 2023, Florent Pagny declared on RTL that his lung cancer was once again in remission. He then took the opportunity to resume his concertsas he had promised since December 2022. His tour began with a performance at Nimesin the city’s arenas. 10,000 spectators gathered to hear him sing for the first time since the onset of his cancer. Apart from a technical cut at the start of the concert, everything went wonderfully from the viewers’ point of view. But for Florent Pagny, the concert was much more difficult to bear.

Seeing Florent Pagny sing on June 30 in Nîmes, no one could imagine that the singer had hospitalized the day before. According to the producer Michel Jankielewicz, “the day before Nîmes, he fell and broke two or three ribs”. The fact that the singer was still able to go on stage seems to be a miracle. He had to go to “emergencies in Nanterre” where he received “stitches on my chin”. But, as persevering as ever, Florent Pagny refused to cancel the concert. “He has his own breathing and singing technique which allowed him to perform on shows. He’s also tough on pain,” this same producer even explained.

Florent Pagny withdraws from public life for a while

Producer and director Michel Jankielewicz was able to get his hands on this information by working with Florent Pagny. He had in fact filmed it to make a documentary. During the Nîmes concert, the singer demonstrated his fighting personality. This is not the first time that he has participated in a concert while his health would rather tell him to rest. According to Le Figaro, Florent Pagny almost gave up on a festival at the last moment. At the beginning of September, he was scheduled to sing at the Fair on Stage festival in Châlons-en-Champagne.

However, for health reasons, the singer had to give up this participation. He was even hospitalized again a few days before the event. Finally, Florent Pagny was reconsidered his decision at the last moment. His fans were then finally able to see him sing. This is also one of the last times he will appear in public like this in the years to come. He has in fact once again announced that his cancer is in remission in November 2023. And the artist then decided to withdraw for a while. “I still occupied the field a lot, between what I did and what happened to me, I’m going to leave everyone alone and go and recharge my batteries and seek inspiration to be able to become creative again »he explained.

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