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Flemish Minister Ben Weyts Criticizes Singer Camille Dhont Over Animal Welfare Concerns in New Music Video

showbiz Flemish Minister of Animal Welfare Ben Weyts (53) lashes out at singer Camille Dhont (22) on social media. In her new video for ‘Ademnood’ she takes a puppy from under the Christmas tree. “Keep singing along with CAMILLE, but DO NOT do what you see here in the video clip,” says Weyts.

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“Please don’t put animals under the Christmas tree,” writes Minister Ben Weyts with a piece from CAMILLE’s new video clip. “It must always be a conscious and well-considered choice to bring an animal into your home. Because otherwise it often ends in animal suffering.”

The comments under the message are not nice. “And who says that people who give an animal as a gift, whether for Christmas or not, won’t take care of that animal?” one person wrote. or “Ben, did you know that video clips are staged? And that you may have deliberately asked for a specific gift?” it continues to read. Another goes a step further: “That’s true. Don’t we also ask those lambs, pigs and chickens if they want to be processed into meat at an early stage after a life in caged concentration camps?”

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“My love and very best friend, CAMILLE sings. And those are indeed our animals! If you have chosen it yourself and if you can certainly give them everything they need,” Weyts himself responds under his message. He can therefore count on support. “Quite right! Cannot be repeated enough.” Another says: “A production team like Camille’s should have thought about this more… So professional, but just not precise enough…”

Camille Dhont’s management said the following in a written statement: “We are happy that the minister, just like us, is concerned about the welfare of the animals. But we would like to reiterate that a video clip is a fictional fantasy world.”

Look at here the full video clip of ‘Breathlessness’ by CAMILLE.

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