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Five hidden features in Windows 10 2004

Since Windows 10 1903, a new installation of Windows 10 has made space for the reserved memory snapped. The idea behind it is not bad, because Microsoft always tries to keep emergency storage space free so that updates can go through without any problems.-

In the settings you can easily see what is going on: Under “System” click on “Storage” and then under “Drive C” on “Show more categories”. Then continue to “System Reserved”. There Windows lists how much space is used for system files, how large the virtual RAM and the hibernation file are. If the point “Reserved memory” explicitly appears there, the function is active, otherwise not.

New in Windows 10 2004 is that the reserved memory can be switched on and off using the DISM command. The command is available on the command line with admin rights. “dism / Online / Get-ReservedStorageState” indicates whether the reserved memory is activated or not. It can be switched on using “dism / Online / Set-ReservedStorageState / State: Enabled”. If you replace “Enabled” with “Disabled”, you disconnect the function.

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