Five hangover remedies for your January 1st

Five hangover remedies for your January 1st

If champagne is flowing tonight, headaches may be on the cards tomorrow morning.

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Are you planning to party for the new year, but are you likely to leave some memories? Take the lead with these few tips to help you lighten your first January, tested and approved by the editorial staff.

1.To drink a lot of water

Everyone was telling you to alternate between alcohol and water yesterday, but did you just do it your way? It may not be too late. Since alcohol has a diuretic effect, its consumption leads to a significant loss of water, and it is certainly the main cause of your headache.

Five hangover remedies for your January 1st
Alcohol has diuretic effects and its consumption leads to a significant loss of water for the body.

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Your dehydrated brain and body can only thank you for taking in as much water, even if you don’t feel like it. A fruit juice (not too acidic) or a vegetable broth is even more highly recommended, to provide the body with the sugars and minerals it has lost while trying to destroy the alcohol ingested.

2.Eat eggs and bananas

Do you feel exhausted? This is normal given the fight your organization has waged. During your watered evening, your body had to deal with the massive influx of ethanol into your blood. This compound is toxic, so the liver has made every effort to remove it. You therefore used energy in the form of sugars and proteins for this task.

A meal, light so as not to overload your liver but sufficient to provide energy, will help your body to recover its strength. In this situation, eggs can be your best friends. They contain cysteine, an amino acid that destroys acetone, the toxin produced during the destruction of ethanol, which is also believed to be involved in hangover symptoms. Pair your omelet with a banana smoothie, or why not try this pancake recipe? Rich in vitamin B6 and potassium, the banana will give you a good boost which you have, we are not going to lie, much needed.

3.Food and drink before bed

If you have not eaten too much during the evening, do not hesitate to eat a little bit and drink a lot of water before going to bed. This last meal will allow you to anticipate the harmful effects of the alcohol of the next day mentioned above, even if they do not completely immunize against hangovers.

Five hangover remedies for your January 1st
Gaining strength and starting to hydrate your body before bedtime is not a bad idea to anticipate the next morning.


4.Doing activity

If this title scared you, do not panic, in fact it is not so scary. You just have to get active with a walk in the fresh air, or a run for the bravest. Putting the body in motion will speed up its metabolism, which will more quickly eliminate toxins produced by alcohol. If you don’t have the motivation to leave the house, this video will help you to eliminate the excesses of the previous day quietly at home. You will deserve a little nap afterwards to recover.

5.Drink a special “morning after party” herbal tea

Certain plants have virtues particularly appreciated to treat the symptoms of hangovers. Rosemary, for example, is known to improve cerebral blood circulation and has antioxidant properties. Infuse a few leaves in simmering water to soothe your headaches. Another magic plant, peppermint is ideal against stomach aches and the urge to vomit, in addition to detoxifying the organism. If you have some in your garden, add a few leaves.

Five hangover remedies for your January 1st
Rosemary, is known to improve cerebral blood circulation and has antioxidant properties

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