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First Stadler data published by hackers

First Stadler data published by hackers

In the event of a hacker attack on Stadler Rail, new details have become known. The extortionists demand a lot of money, but the train builder doesn’t want to pay.

Stadler Rail’s CEO, Peter Spuhler, does not give in to the $ 6 million in extortion and ransom demands. Image: KEYSTONE

When the attack became known in early May, documents were stolen, some of which have now been published on the Internet. As the Tamedia newspapers first reported online, pictures on an anonymous Twitter profile show file names from various Stadler documents, some of which are older.

The published documents are “confidential documents and data that Stadler stole through criminal activity,” confirmed company spokesman Petrosino at the request of the news agency AWP.

The Twitter profile was created recently, in May 2020, and published, among other things, hacked files from Stadler Rail. hermaphrodite @ ransomleaks

According to the sender of the tweet, further publication of data is planned, should Stadler not respond to the demands of the perpetrators. The hackers want to urge Stadler to pay $ 6 million in the form of bitcoins. Stadler was neither now nor at an earlier point in time ready to make payments to the extortionists and had not started negotiations with the extortionists, said Petrosino.

Criminal steps

Stadler has initiated criminal proceedings and is cooperating with the responsible authorities, Petrosino continued. “The publication and use of this data is illegal, supports criminal offenses and promotes the steady increase in further cyber attacks of all kinds.”

Stadler internal surveillance services identified the attack in early May. At that time, it was said that security measures were immediately taken and, among other things, external specialists were called in.

“Our backup data was complete and functional from the start,” said Petrosino. The continuation of production and services were guaranteed at all times. (sda / awp)


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