First photo from Hamo Beka’s wedding

Festivals singer Omar Kamal posted a photo of him through his official account on the Instagram photo application, in which he appeared during the wedding of his friend, festivals singer Hamo Beka, immediately after the wedding ceremony.

Omar Kamal was keen to congratulate his friend, Hamo Beka, on his wedding, saying: “Congratulations, my love, my soul was present, but my work in Dubai prevented me».

This comes after, The festivals singer, Hamo Beka, appeared just before the start of his wedding, wearing slippers while wearing a wedding suit, among a number of his friends and relatives.

Today, the artist, Hamo Beka, celebrates his wedding in Alexandria, and the pioneers of social media have shared a picture of Becca from inside the wedding, wearing a black suit.

Hamo Beka announced the holding of his wedding in Alexandria, after returning to his fiancée, from whom he had recently separated.

He said on his official Facebook page: “The joy of Hamo Beka Al-Bitash Alexandria, Peace Street, awaits all the people who love us.”

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