First details on Xiaomi Mi Band 6: SpO2 sensor, Alexa and the novelty we are all waiting for (photo)

Vincenzo Ronca
23/01/2021 ore 19:57

One of the cornerstones between devices Xiaomi it is definitely there My Band, the smartband now arrived at fifth generation which for years has been a landmark in the market for cheap wearables. In the last few hours they have leaked new details about what could expect with the Mi Band 6.

So far the models marketed in Europe by Mi Band have seen the lack of the GPS module integrated, a feature that could be useful especially in the detection of physical activities when you do not have the paired smartphone with you. Well it seems that the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 could finally show it off, at least according to what was reported by Smartdroid.

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According to what was leaked from the firmware, the new Mi Band 6 could also present a SpO2 sensor, as well as that to detect the heart rate, and support for Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. Not even a module would be missing NFC: it remains to be seen whether it will also be launched in the variant international and will be usable for i contactless payments also in Europe.

The new Mi Band should be able to detect the usual long list of physical activities, both outdoors and indoors. According to what was observed by the first watchface, the display it should be slightly bigger than that implemented in the previous generation.

At the launch of Xiaomi’s Mi Band 6 there is still time, in fact, there is talk of a launch that will not take place before theestate 2021. Therefore we suggest you take the new features just described with the due caution. Many things could change during the race, and above all history teaches us to wait for all the features to be officially confirmed also for the international variant as well as for the Chinese one.

Via: SmartdroidSource: Logger

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