Firmware-update: Synology DSM 7.1 build 42661 Update 3 – Computer – Downloads

I find syno photos very disappointing actually. Babies mixes up the ai, the same people are seen by the ai as different people with the result that you have to merge people together, but again manually remove other people who saw the ai as the same person again, what a monk’s job . I’ve stopped that, and I’m waiting for a better ai update. Outside of ai it’s fine, I have all the photos anywhere on my phone with vpn with a handy interface. I empty my phone every month, the app is fine as a “dumb” photo app.

I have been doing the automatic upload for years with the android home sweet home photo upload app, ideal. The home sweet home app throws your photos into folders divided by year>month with samba. For example, each family member automatically has its own folder with name>year>month. And that will happen automatically as soon as you get WiFi at home.

I myself have tried the upload function of ds syno photos and also with ds file to see if I can say goodbye to home sweet home, which is already an outdated app. But both upload options offer very few options for automatically uploading to folders by year and month. I don’t like uploading all photos disorganized in folders. Maybe I’m completely wrong and I’m missing something, but at the moment I find the upload function unusable.

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