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Fire in Dune Area of Sint Maartensvlotbrug Under Control, Smoke Still Present

The fire service has called in additional units

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The dune fire in Sint Maartensvlotbrug near Schagen is under control. There are no more flames to be seen, but there is still smoke, the Security Region reports on Twitter. The fire department is extinguishing.

View images of the fire below.


Large dune fire

The fire brigade had called in extra units to extinguish the fire in the dune area. According to the security region, an area of ​​200 by 200 meters was on fire. There is no word yet on the cause of the fire. Extinguishing will take several hours.

Lots of smoke

There is a campsite near the fire, but according to a spokesperson for the safety region, it was not in danger because the wind is in the other direction. A lot of smoke is released during post-extinguishing and the fire brigade warns not to inhale it.

The N502 between Burgerbrug and Den Helder will remain closed in both directions for the time being due to the smoke.

Nuclear power plant

Nuclear reactor Petten is about 2.5 kilometers from the site of the fire. Owner NRG reported on Twitter that the reactor’s Quick Response Team was ready to assist if necessary.

The risk of wildfires is very high due to the drought. The Security Regions announced today that open fire is therefore prohibited in almost all nature reserves.

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